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    I found a pair of shoes I like but they don't have much of a heel at all, pretty much flat. I just don't feel comfortable in shoes with no heel, they have like a .25 inch heel, could i get a cobbler to add on a heel. make it 1.25-1.5 inch, or since they weren't made for it will it not work?

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    I don't know much about shoe construction, but I think it's safe to assume that if you add a hell to a shoe that has been designed without it you'd be messing with the dynamics of its construction.
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    maybe you can add a thicker/taller vibrame sole than normal ones? I dont know if that is possible to choose.

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    It's sort of similar to altering the shoulders of a tailored suit. It's possible, but you can only change it so much and success is never guaranteed.

    Putting platforms on the shoe might work.

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    The sole to heel alignment in most RTW shoes is really bad anyway, so why not try it. If the shoes have a shank it can work out pretty well (still stabilize your feet or even improve it's position).
    Based on my experience (had similar adaptation done to 2 full leather sneakers): A good shoemaker "stacks" the heel with leather pieces up to the height you want it to be and/or adds a vibram to the end.

    And @ Patroklus: I think it's more easy to predict the outcome of this procedure then dealing with adaptations to glued shoulders of RTW suits, which is nearly impossible.

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    I didn't even mean that. I generally don't consider the armscythe and sleeve cap to be alterable when deciding whether or not to buy a garment, even though they usually technically are.

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