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    Here are a few images of some recent designs.
    Included is the Julius tee shirt I attempted to reconstruct, which is described in a previous thread.

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    This looks good, keep it up! Is the skirt attached to the pants in the fifth photo?

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    like the all black look, although i'm not slim enough to pull off this style
    2nd and 6th pics are my favorites

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    Quote Originally Posted by KodakII View Post
    This looks good, keep it up! Is the skirt attached to the pants in the fifth photo?
    Yes, the skirt is sewn into the waistband

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    Hooded cocoon vest
    wool/cashmere jersey

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    Finally used up all of this fabric!

    Wool/cashmere ribbed jersey poncho
    Will post fit pics sooner or later

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    nice! how did you make the collar on the last piece?

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    It's just a ribbed tee shirt collar. Fold over fabric in a length shorter than the neck opening and baste it on after quartering it to make sure it stretches evening. I usually just serge it right on from there. It takes a couple practice tries to nail the technique, but it's pretty simple once you've got it

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    Don't even need to baste it really.
    I kind of think raw hems make more sense with ultra drape but it's your poncho.

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    The hems are raw. Did you mean the collar or something? Anyway, I like to baste it just because I like the extra security with serging. And taking out the basting is strangely satisfying for once it serged...hahaha

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    Haven't really sewn any womenswear for a long while, so I thought it was time for a change. Recently have been obsessed with this Japanese pattern drafting book, which showcases the incredible talent of Tomoko Nakamichi of Bunka Fashion College (Yohji's old stomping grounds).

    This piece shown above is an interpretation of a three dimensional "spike" technique featured in the raglan sleeve. The material is a dense wool double knit which allows for a fairly rigid structure while still maintaining the flexibility of a stretch fabric. Thinking of incorporating this technique to more masculine silhouettes and playing with the size and shape of the spike

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    fantastic stuff. pm me if you do pieces on commission.

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