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Thread: Ann Demeulemeester SS13 Men

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    Default Ann Demeulemeester SS13 Men

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    I see quite a few jackets and coats that were designed 4 or 5 years ago but it seems that she no longer gives that subtle flare to the sleeves, which is an absolute shame. Also, I hate the shiny fabrics, the prints and the corduroys. The only look I thought was really nice was 15, the blue short suit.

    Is that lighting killing the clothes or is it just me?
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    Did Ann and Haider have a baby?
    Life is a hiiighway

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    While I never really liked Ann for me personally, I always appreciated and liked the runway shows. This one though, is just meh...
    The only look I find interesting is this one:

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    this collection is for old people......... so baggy the garments are..

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    Yeah, not so excited about this collection, but it's great that she took nearly every color ever used in her collections and brought them all together as an ensemble. Some of those patterns and textures definitely aren't for me, but I always have that love/hate with Ann collections. There are a few jackets I'd snatch up in a heartbeat, but the rest wouldn't fit not look good on me, so.....that's nearly always the case with her collections.

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    uh, excuse me, i love pyjama parties
    these pjs aren't slutty enough tho

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    I wouldn't rock this myself, but I don't think it's that bad. Some of the colors (and glossy materials) are indeed beautiful - especially the golden orange looks. But I think this collection does need some polishing. Some of the outfits (definitely due to lighting and choice of material) look sloppy, so need to check it out in person.

    Don't know about the pyjama pants though...haha!

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    I love it, Rilu!

    This really comes together for me. Textures, weights, sheen, mat.

    I always preferred poetic Ann to graphic Ann.

    The balance in the suiting reminds me of classic Armani, but the colours are so much better.

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    I really like this: Ann cuts with Haider's fabrics. I think expecting anything brand new from Ann is unrealistic cutting wise: she has built up a company, an archive and a clientele over the years and now is the time for reaping the rewards; so i think she has to reinterpret her work in new ways and this is a hit for me. I definately prefer her softer collections to the hard ones like last seasons womens, and there is so much here that i would ultimately want to wear.

    By the by they (Haider and Ann) dont just have the bvba32 connection they also share Michele Montaigne as a stylist and from what i understand she is also an adviser / springboard for ideas so there is perhaps room for a crossover of ideas

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    Default Ann D Blazer in XL

    I can't understand why she would do Beetlejuice pants.

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    This is awfully shiny and colourful for my palette....but I suppose different strokes for different folks.

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    YES no more skinny trousers... love the more roomy cut. I really really want to see this in real life..

    I'm not sure about some of the fabrics too...

    I don't like the styling though... (I rather see them covered with feathers and horsehair again) some of those haircuts look so...Frankensteiny? idk..

    after seeing the photo's on stylezeitgeist magazine I have to say I love this even more...
    The colours are really beautiful
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    This shot is particularly amazing in terms of fabrics

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    hmmm not likin this at all . even tho i like the colors and maybe the patterns i think those things are too limiting . like that purple is nice but it only looks that good when u do the whole fit w/ that color . if someone just bought only 1 piece like the shirt or the trouser then theyre stuck w/ purple pants . i can dig the languid vibe from pajama pants but im not gettin that sleepy kinda relaxed vibe w/ the ones here . instead they look more like ... idk like old school jnco or kikwear but w/ a luxe material . theyre baggy and thats it , i get no pajamaness from them . or like someone said " beetlejuice pants " bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhaa that actually had me crackin up /wipes tear from eye

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