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Thread: Men's vented dress

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    Default Men's vented dress

    Just sewed it up last night. Fabric is a wonderful rayon/cotton ribbed jersey with a medium weight drape. The dress is cut to be reversible so the vent can either be worn in the front or back.

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    kinda feels like the slit is so high that you wouldn't be able to wear it on its own. so what you have is a really long shirt.

    would you be decent without pants or would you flash your chonies?

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    Haha I actually added two buttons since taking the photos to take the vent down a bit for that very reason. However, I don't think I'd ever wear it without something underneath, although this weather is really tempting me to...

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    Simple and elegant.. I like it.
    Same worry about flashing my junk but I've been looking for a long shirt like this for a while.

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    Thanks tron! Yeah, I suppose a more appropriate name for the garment would be a tunic or something. Although, like I said, the buttons would allow for nothing underneath.

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    I suppose that there should be something worn inside no? A cropped slim pants would be ideal. I have had this look in my head for the longest time since I saw siki im's tunic but I dont think I can pull it off.

    Real nice tho!

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    nice pics:)
    just wondering what kind of shoes i should pair with if not sandals?

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    Critiqued the design and sewed it together the other night. Lengthened the hemline, dropped the vent lower so that it can truly be called a dress, and did a different technique for merging the two front panels with a central narrow piece of fabric. Also, the neck line is raised so when worn (although it doesn't look it now due to the heavy drape on the hanger) it will resemble a mock turtle/stovepipe neckline. All hems and facings were sewn on with a twin needle to imitate a coverstitch machine, which is on my sewing wish list at the moment). Material is the same: cotton/rayon rib

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    That's really nice. Where did you source the fabric from? The drape on the back is amazing.

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    It's actually just a jersey from the NYC Mood on 37th. It wasn't that expensive at all actually

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    ey did you see any dense sweater knits there?
    i can't find what i'm looking for online was going to check their LA stock but it's a mission and i don't want to waste my time

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    I was actually looking for something along those lines to make some good turtlenecks, and I found some really cool ones. They have a very Juliusish med thickness plaster colored rayon/silk knit that would be incredible for sweater pieces. But yeah, check it out, I never leave that place empty handed

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    simple makes perfect ! love it and i want to buy it too!

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