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Thread: Rick Owens Replica furniture (first attempt)

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    Default Rick Owens Replica furniture (first attempt)

    Hello SZ.Recently i finished rebuilding my own appartment (will post pics soon) and i decided with a friend of mine to make a Rick Owens replica couch/bed with some changes of the original design.We reduced the cost by using different materials (instead of marble/granite etc) .Also we made a bigger back than the original.There are some thoughts to change the back with the original ,so any comments will be appreciated.Total lengh is 2.82m .
    A black mattress is missing ,but will be placed soon .

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    this is amazing ,

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    very nice! Would love to read/see more about the materials you ended up using and how you did the finishes. - Digital Portfolio Of Projects & Designs

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    Bam bam bam,

    Lovei it!, love it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinorlz View Post
    very nice! Would love to read/see more about the materials you ended up using and how you did the finishes.
    Details of the construction as well please!

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    looking very good! would've worked fine without the white block (marble in the original) too, i think.

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    This is sick - Really hoping for more info on this as I've always wanted to give this sorta thing a try!
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    This shit looks crazy, can you please tell us the cost, I may attempt to make one for myself

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    beautiful, wouldnt know its a replica until u said so , need more info on the materials!

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    Really nice indeed ! How many hours and cost ?

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    Thank you all for your kind words.The first thought was to make this couch ,but we ended up with the one you saw just to make it more practical/comfortable.

    The white part is lacquered mdf and all the other parts are mdf finished with a special quartz cement .It took us 7 days (a couple of days for the lacquered part to dry).There was a thought to make a drawer on the white part ,but i decided to leave it as the original couch.Total cost will be ~400-500 euro(haven't ordered the mattress yet).

    So,i almost finished rebuilding my appartment and was thinking moving on the next challenge.Since the living room isn't ready yet, i want to make a Rick Owens sofa (canape),but this time with more expensive materials just to make something look really elegant .

    First ideas (unrealistic & uncomfortable ): 01 02 03 04 .
    Second idea:I sketched this couch on a paper ,made it symmetrical (two white parts), put a back on it and added pillows & mattress.I'm thinking using walnut or oak ash and leave the idea of the white lacquered parts.

    Any advices/ideas/solutions will be appreciated.
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    i LOVE IT !!! , wonder how much does it cost?!

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    Any advices/ideas/solutions will be appreciated.[/QUOTE]

    Man , You are obviously very talented why not use the Rick pieces as inspiration to come up with something from your own creativity

    Would love to see that ...

    Oh and more info on the quartz cement thing please

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    Wow this is awesome, great work!

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    Great work I think it came out great.

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    really good work. waiting for pics of the whole apartament

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    Now this is a thread that i like

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    Love love love this. What about the chair with the antler?

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    τελειο φίλε. is it as comfortable as it looks cool?

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