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    So I made that other thread about Basel, but just found out that I'll actually be spending the majority of my time in Zurich. So... tell me about Zurich! What should I see/do/eat in two days there?

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    quick list:
    I generally try to avoid the Altstadt (Kreiss 1), but it is lovely along the Limmat if this is you first trip to Zürich.

    Alpenrose - a favorite for traditional Swiss food
    Tizziani - charming, excellent locally sourced ingedients
    Rosso - cool space in a converted warehouse, fun for pizza
    La Salle - great space, ok food, literally a glass box inside the Schauspielhaus
    Les Halles - low key tapas and gourmet carry out. fun.
    Sprüngli - umm, chocolate?

    The Löwenbräu Areal is an easy one-stop for art - the former brewery housing the Kunsthalle Zürich, Migros Museum, Hauser +Wirth, Eva Presenhuber, Bob van Orsouw, etc.

    Be sure to check out the Centre Le Corbusier (Heidi Weber Museum) - a fantastic late work by Corb. Opening hours are sporadic, but it's also fun just to walk around and view the house from the exterior.

    Boutique Roma is easily the best shop in town, carrying Forme, LUC, Layer-0, RO, Ann Demeulemeester, Individual Sentiments, Junya etc. for men and women, in general the women's buys are a little better.
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    I figured it wasn't worth making a whole other thread for Geneva, so maybe this can work as a general Switzerland thread.

    Any recommendations for Geneva? Any good food, architecture, shops?

    I've noted the recommendations for Basel and Zurich too, since I can probably get to them easily enough.

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    I have a seven hour layover in Zurich on January 12th. So, any updated recommendations are welcome. Or make me an itinerary
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