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    Thanks you guys for the support. It means a lot.
    The morning is not enough.

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    Birkenstock factory
    There exists a brought up toe-club which was created to encourage the all-natural gripping movement and helps with flow and workout for your thighs and legs. The natural heel account and deep hindfoot mug will keep natural padding of your foot where it must be, underneath the hindfoot which helps distribute body weight much more equally.

    Birkenstock Arizona Women's Sandal

    Excited PRESIDIO

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    Grailed user: duykuku AKA Anh Duy Nguyen, based in Germany
    I purchased a pair of CCP drip sneakers from this user after a long back and forth where we settled on a fair price (1200). The user then, after noting they would ship the item but expressing concerns that they feared paying export fees (even though I assured him this was nothing to worry about and that, in the , blocked me. I was able to get a refund.
    “The noise of the bars, the grit of the sidewalks,
    The decaying plane trees shedding leaves in the dark,
    The omnibus a hurricane of rattling iron and mud,
    That screeches, badly aligned on its wheels,
    And slowly rolls its green and yellow eyes,
    Workers going to their club, smoking clay pipes
    Under the noses of the police officers,
    Dripping roofs, sweating walls, slippery pavement,
    Cracked asphalt, streams filling the gutter,
    That’s my road—with heaven at the end.”
    -- Paul Verlaine

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