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Thread: "Dark Glass Mountain" Jewellery Triptych

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    Default "Dark Glass Mountain" Jewellery Triptych

    Hello SZ'ers!

    I'm currently in my final year of an advanced diploma in jewellery and object design.

    At the end of the year I'll have a graduation exhibition with the rest of my class and to raise funds for the exhibition (gallery rent, invitation and catalogue printing, etc) we're holding a silent auction next week.

    Each student was required to make two-three pieces to donate. This was my contribution.

    I'm fascinated by the juxtaposition between dark and light, hard and soft, the organic and the austere.

    For this project I wanted to combine natural, non repetitive erosion with traditional ring forms. I used the flawless, high polished finish of the edges, table and inside bands to contrast the dark and irregular texture of the outer surfaces.

    These rings were hand-carved and then cast in solid sterling silver (they are very heavy).

    The mountainous ELCHO FALLING has proved to be a favourite on social media getting a lot of love on instagram and tumblr. I have had a mold made of it so I can recast it because it would be impossible to recraft it and get it exactly the same.

    The signet ring SERPENT'S NEST is probably my favourite simply because it's the most wearable for every day. I have also had a mold made of it so I can cast another one for myself.

    The stone in PRIESTESS OF THE COIL is grey glass. It was by far the most challenging design in the set of three and due to the nature of the hand-fabricated setting could not be re-cast. I have a maternal-like attachment to it and will be very sad to see it go.

    I hope the rings raise a lot of money for our exhibition.

    Feedback / constructive criticism is encouraged.

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    I actually did stumble across this set via tumblr and I was impressed! At first I thought it was some work of chin teo/nico uytterhaegen -- this is in no way saying you have no voice of your own!

    I checked out the rest of your work and you seem to have a knack for this. Seeing as you are finishing up your studies, I'm assuming your work is all made by you and you only?

    Keep us updated.

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    Thanks cowsareforeating! I do think it's hard when we all have similar inspirations to find a way to produce work that DOES speak with your own voice and not feel like you're encroaching on another artist's territory. I know it's going to be a struggle for me going forward but it's a challenge I am excited to face. Having said that, I'm really honoured by your comparison. If my work might look good enough to maybe be mistaken for their work then it's a very flattering compliment from the perspective of craftsmanship.

    It's truly my aim with my work to make sure my pieces are impeccable. Through my studies I have developed a new eye for detail. The time and the materials I use dictates that my work will always end up being expensive, so it's my intention to ultimately be able to give a customer the very best craftsmanship as possible for their investment. It is no time to be lazy!

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    Impressive indeed !

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    Really beautiful work ahn! I can see what you meant with similar approach in the other tread, something I think comes natural when drawing inspiration from similar aesthetics. I love the signet ring because its not at all what you expect from that type of ring. Im not so keen on cut gems but I can really appreciate the amount of work and craftsmanship that goes in to that piece.
    Best of luck with the auction and your final show!

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    They're very beautiful, I love the seemingly fluid nature of the solid metal, as if you have captured various moments of a stone drop's splash and immortalized them. Very potent.
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    Any chance you will be selling these?

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    Thank you so much for all the kind feedback! It's great to hear opinions from people who value similar aesthetics because I don't get much of that from my classmates and instructors!

    I love juxtapositions and I feel like raw/industrial/organically modelled pieces and organic/raw/uncut stones are sometimes too much of the same theme. I really wanted to off-set the traditional cleanliness of a faceted stone with the brash austerity of the mountainous surface texture. I think I will be using traditionally faceted stones quite a lot in my work for that reason!

    The auction was quite a success and I had a lot of people who couldn't make it on the night ask after the pieces, so I've had a mould made of Elcho Falling and I'm going to do one of Serpent's Nest as well so I can make them if anyone wants to order them. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you're interested
    some do it fast, some do it better in smaller amounts.

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