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Thread: Sewing machine and haberdashery recs for a noob?

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    Default Sewing machine and haberdashery recs for a noob?

    Hi, first post here so excuse my extreme newbieness. So i got about 400 aud spend on a sewing machine and tools. I already have a list but am not sure if need to buy all of it since I need to learn more first. I am waiting 2 months until I can study so in the meantime I thought I would gather info and maybe try to do some diy to learn basic things about putting clothes together. I dont know about pattern cutting or anything like that and I have a hard time illustrating it as well. I can buy fabric where I live but dont know much about fabric yet. In the beginning I want to experiment with making things for myself and friends just for learning. Another thing I was wondering is should I get an overlocker as well? Sorry for not being specific but mostly wanting to know what is a good machine for maybe 400 but preferrably about 200 aud?

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    Try getting a used JUKI ddl 5500. It only does a straight and reverse stitch but it handles a large variety of fabrics pretty well.

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