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Thread: Reo Ma Japanese linen blazer jacket + j shape 3/4 trousers

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    Default Reo Ma Japanese linen blazer jacket + j shape 3/4 trousers

    have been spending so much time to find this fabric for my final year collection.

    will post more detail photo later after my camera's battery recharged

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    that fabric looks beautiful!
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    Agreed, that fabric looks gorgeous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortalveneer View Post
    that fabric looks beautiful!


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    is there some kinda finish to the fabric on the blazer?
    kina looks felted. or did you buy it like that?

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    The textile indeed looks pretty awesome.
    But well, the necklace in the fit pic is totally unnecessary and conveys nothing other than a tacky/trying to be cool/whatnot attitude
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    I think it looks ok but the blazer itself looks really fine. The weave of the textile does look awesome!

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    Great job on the blazer; It's nice to see your work develop into more complicated yet cleaner garments. I personally find the shoulders a bit too broad. And perhaps the rough aesthetic of the fabric and stacked sleeves would be complemented by smaller shoulder pads.
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