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Thread: Adhesive tape for permanently joining leather

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    Default Adhesive tape for permanently joining leather

    Can anyone recommend a double-sided tape for permanently and strongly joining two pieces of leather. Does such a thing exist?

    I know that I can use something like Barge cement, but I want a neater join without any mess.

    I have seen a Isaac Sellam leather jacket that had seams that were sewn and then taped and the tape looked fairly permanent. Does anyone know if this is iron-on or pressure-sensitive. I would prefer pressure-sensitive tape (tape that you press on by hand and it sticks straight away without any heat)

    I am going to start experimenting with some tape that might be suitable (eg. Venture 560, Kikusui 190, "seamstick" tapes), but it would be great if someone else already has the answer.

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    Cement would harden and make for stiff seams. Why not sew it?

    If you are set on tapes, you should buy some leather scrap pieces to test before applying it on the jacket

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    Quote Originally Posted by okayvin View Post
    Cement would harden and make for stiff seams. Why not sew it?
    I'm just experimenting with different ways of making stuff rather than the tradition way (sewing). I am making leather bags so stiff seams aren't a problem and in some cases I actually want the seams to be stiff to add structure.

    I bought some Venture leather tape but it isn't what I want. You can pull it apart by hand. But it would be good for making quick prototypes without sewing and also holding everything together before sewing.
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    ive never worked with leather but once saw a dude in my class use latex glue. It worked for him.

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    I've been working on leather for a little while (just over a year), and for flexibility I would recommend Seiwa's Leathercraft adhesive. A swipe across bonds the undersides (fibrous side) pretty strong, without compromising flexibility.

    Also, I've seen experienced crafters utilising Premier Super 138 Adhesive - though that seems rather 'overkill' in a sense - a little too industrial in my opinion.

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    I don't have any experience in this. But I can recommend you tape manufacturer company who can help you out. Try their website:

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    From my experience working with leather I highly doubt such a thing would exist. For the underside of leather is usually very fibrous and really doesn't make a trustworthy face to apply tape to. Glues and sewing is the way to go. I have used simple PVA glues on some of my work and it has been very beneficial and doesn't affect the flexibility of the seams much at all.

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