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Thread: Ann Demeulemeester F/W 2014 - Paris

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    Default Ann Demeulemeester F/W 2014 - Paris

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    Not impressed, unsurprisingly. A lot of fabric wrapped around the body, mostly. It's a cautious show, which makes sense.

    Why didn't you post any men's looks?
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    OMG. Yawn. Ann by Ann Demeulemeester? The wrapped stuff looks rather messy and will probably look awful IRL. Also, stiletto heels are pretty much the most out of context thing Ann has ever done.
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    This collection was the first one without its founder. Designed by the trio -Mirjam van den Akker, Patrick Van Ommeslaeghe and Sébastien Meunier, the collection was still true the brand's identity. Yet, I sensed the poet missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael_kard View Post
    OMG. Ann by Ann Demeulemeester?
    Yeah not feeling this collection, but that totally hits the nail on the head!! It feels like a watered down commercial diffusion line.
    Especially the gold.

    I like the fuzzy coat, but all of the men's really just looks like ny fashion blog kids wearing clearance juun j & mugler, but maybe with an occasional piece of ann.

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    I do think some of the women's looks are really beautiful, only from the the thigh up though.

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    Its safe and sad.
    Life is a hiiighway

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    the men's especially is poor.

    I was naively hoping it would be good, but always knew deep down it wouldn't be

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    As for Ann's last years collections, I bought
    5 items from AW12-13
    4 items from SS13
    1 item from AW13-14
    Dont find anything I could wear from current SS collection or from this coming FW.

    Hope it happens only with me.

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    Actually, the brands sales are at an all-time high this current season (SS14). But yeah, this collection looks more like a line of good wearable basics versus an incredible Ann show

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