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Thread: Master's dissertation on the rhetoric of craftsmanship

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    Default Master's dissertation on the rhetoric of craftsmanship

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a student in a postgraduate program in fashion management at the Institut Franšais de la Mode, and I've chosen to write my master's dissertation on the rhetoric of craftsmanship in a specific niche market defined by the following criterias: no advertising, small-scale production and distribution, strong emphasis on technical know-how, and elaborate aesthetics. I'm focusing mainly on a few brands : Carol Christian Poell, Paul Harnden, and those developped by former Carpe diem designers; but will probably use examples from others.

    This forum has of course been a strong source of information and inspiration so far, and will continue to be. In order to go more in depth, I would like to talk about it with some knowledgeable people - co-wokers or connoisseurs, anyone who would be willing to share some information, opinion, and a little bit of their time with the enthusiast neophyte that I am.

    MPs are more than welcome; for Parisians, so is coffee. I'll be writing in French, but of course English spoken insight is still appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hit up BSR.
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    Thanks, I've just sent him a mail

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    I am currently applying to IFM for the same postgrad program. How has your experience been at the school and what tips do you have for applying or going through the program if I were to get accepted?

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