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Thread: [m.a+ for free...] carpe diem / luc / m.a+ / zb

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    Default [offers til 15th] carpe diem / luc / m.a+ / zb

    +Buyer covers shipping and 4.5% pp fees (or as gift)
    +Low ball offers will be politely ignored
    +for faster response, please email: joelee1639[at]gmail[dot]com
    no trade at all, unless it's something in my wtb thread

    Recently sold:
    [X] A Diciannoveventitre culatta tall boots
    [X] A Diciannoveventitre horse ankle boots
    [X] A Diciannoveventitre dirty gray derby
    [X] Layer-0 ankle boots
    [X] Layer-0 Canvas 3D pocket pants
    [X] M.A+ inner lace ankle boots
    [X] M.A+ hooded/scarfed linen yarn knit
    [X] M.A+ longsleeves knit
    [X] M.A+ bi-fold wallet
    [X] M.A+ Embryo bag
    [X] M.A+ Hooded cardigan
    [X] Incarnation baby calf leather jacket
    [X] L'Maltieri Raw silk/wool coat
    [X] L'Maltieri extended lining silver-hook jacket
    [X] Label under construction tussah cardigan
    [X] Label under construction scree-print alpaca knit
    [X] Label under construction primary triangle shoulder knit
    [X] Label under construction military bread sack one-cut pleated pants
    [X] Inaisce coat
    [X] Individual Sentiments linen shell coat
    [X] Daniel Andresen cardigan
    [X] The Viridi Anne pleated seam volumetric pants
    [X] Boris Bidjan Saberi heavy waxed cotton blazer/coat

    - M.A+ nubby cotton blazer -

    close-up (made of horn and sterling silver):

    my own fit here
    size 46 (fits true)
    colour: Coal (dark gray)
    nubby moleskin cotton that's soft but holds its own shape well (evidently in the photos).
    It stands, too, but note that the fabric's soft and not at all stiff nor heavy weight
    *even though it's nubby, it does not peel at all.
    by far the most intriguing fabric i've ever encountered
    anatomical cut
    side pockets cut along the torso seams
    horn button x sterling silver cross, i'll let the photo speaks for itself
    absolutely love it, my last artisanal blazer in the wardrobe, you know why i keep it til last. don't get to wear it enough to justify keeping such exquisite piece.
    **the original buyer found a stain [click to view] that i overlooked and im refunding his money in full, meanwhile, dropping asking x for a quick sale.

    - M.A+ 13f/w Aviator -

    *please do not be misled by the photo, the actual length of the jacket isn't that short - it looks short in the first photo because of the relative ratio to the long sleeves (which goes 76cm)

    for actual fit please refer to the identical cut here at H.lorenzo:
    or the owner of SartorialoftLA's better fit here

    here's a fit pic showing the structure of the hood when worn (courtesy of drexl)

    heavy Japanese jersey cotton and linen blend, nice dense fabric and beautiful texture
    hand-stitch zippers
    Anatomic cut, spiral cut sleeves, the silhouette reminds me of samurai
    .926 sterling silver + (as approved by Amadei) on left cuff
    2-way riri-zipper, with long oily leather pull tags
    colour: black
    size: 46 (fits true)
    s to s: 43cm
    p to p: hard to measure due to cut
    sleeves: 76cm
    back length without collar: 64cm
    condition is as new, purchased brand new, worn less than 5 times
    with tag, canvas bag
    asking what I paid, 1550usd shipped in NA > sold
    please refrain yourself from any offer lower than this.
    this is an interest check,
    i'd be happy to keep it if people prefer to pay 2500usd at retail than buying from me
    - N4 cold dyed cut-and-sew -
    i know this looks like luc, but it's N4
    absolutely love it, but it's a tad small on me
    upon receiving this, I even emailed N4 for custom order in a bigger size and longsleeves version but unfortunately it didn't work out. And they said they would no longer produce it. so you wont be able to find this, unless you're lucky enough, like now.
    this is marked as size 1 which should fit a 44-46
    im a 46 and this shows the shape of my shoulder and chest very well,
    and also my beer tummy...and this is precisely the only reason of letting this go

    raglan sleeves, anatomic cut, raw edge
    gorgeous colour
    the fabric is stated as cotton, but it feels like silk, extremely light, dry and breathable
    gone to a good home, finally someone who's not so brand oriented!
    - M.A+ hooded cardigan -
    from atelier not sure if exclusive or not, but i honestly did't see any other boutique carrying this. exact same piece as above
    two fabric, two color - coal (dark gray) on the outside/light gray on the inside
    amadei's anatomical cut, raw edge, unlined, silver cross on the sleeve,
    toggle leather fastening (leather rolled x .925 / leather loop)
    wool x cashmere, soft and light
    rather than having excessive panels and seams to connect the hood and the bodice, the panels of the hood extend undisturbed to the hem, so it gives that smooth neckline and soft silhouette (sort of like monk to me) when the hood is worn (as indicated above) /or as scarf-collar otherwise.
    mind the sophisticated craftsmanship amadei offers - when it comes to pattern making, it's often problematic to have less panels as to fit the wearer's body. but in amadei's work, it is often done so quietly and beautifully for people who appreciate these subtle minimalist details
    size 48 but could fit a 46 as well
    s to s: 43cm
    p to p: 48cm
    sleeves: 67cm
    back length without hood: ~64cm

    worn less than 5 times, pristine condition
    comes with m.a+ canvas bag, missing magnetic tag

    gone to a good home!!
    - Devoa washi blend anatomic cut shortsleeves -
    these are my own pics
    wash-paper blend [washi 60% - cotton 35% - polyuretane 5%]
    anatomic cut (please refer to the above pics) that fits just crazy spot on, along with the material the whole piece is super breathable and allows easy movement
    it's minimal and simple and that the focus is weighed on the exquisite textile than those draping or overly provocative design that simply raise concerns and demand effort when it comes to matching
    pitch black - no hints of other bullshit
    everything has a raw edge
    made in Japan
    size 2 (fits 44-46)
    raglan shoulder
    pit to pit: 47cm (but note that it's very stretchy)
    length: 68cm
    flawless condition, no stain, no fading, no tear, no smell, no nothing
    i just took the pictures provided above a few mins ago. so please be confident to use them as reference
    reluctant to let go as i could see this becomes a staple piece of mine for this summer, but will sell if anyone's willing to offer as good as

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    - Label Under Construction military-tent jacket -

    courtesy of PNP

    description from Sartorialoft:
    Stand up collar zip up jacket constructed in heavy military tent fabric that is thick and substantial. Cold Dyed in coal color and finished with fine cotton jersey knit underarm gussets for mobility and breathability. Surface is tactile and malleable which will age beautifully conforming to the wearers movements forming crevices.

    fully lined
    2-way riri zippers
    rich and complex cold dyed coal
    composition: 100% cotton / 41% linen - flax / 9% ramie / 41% acetate
    size: 46
    now back on market, jacket was sent to a frd for study purposes, not worn at all, condition 9/10 new with all tags.

    retail over 2500usd
    asking 1375usd + shipping> taking reasonable offers til Aug 15

    M.A+ one-piece basic long sleeves

    size 46 (fits perfect on a 46)
    was originally beige, dyed it gray myself for fun
    true color is gray with hints of purple
    ingeniously constructed
    raglan shoulder, fray cuffs
    worn frequently, also sewed some loose threads on the sleeves my self, can easily be redone by any tailor
    condition i'd say 7/10

    - Zam Barrett over-lock drop crotch pants -

    ^ zb stock pic

    pitch black, sturdy herringbone fabric that has a crispy hand
    anatomical cut - crazy spiral legs that give awesome stacking
    *the last picture illustrates the 3d legs - sort of spiral backward
    gray over-lock seams
    size 46 (fits true, can accommodate a 44 with belt no problem)
    everything measured laid flat
    waist: 40cm
    hem: 17cm
    rise: 37cm
    roomy crotch (that offsets the rigidity of the fabric) for easy movement, fits slim/skinny from knee toward hem, crazy stacking from the spiral anatomical cut and the paperish crispy fabric here
    these don't pop up often, get them for gone
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    - by H type-ll beanie -

    courtesy of by H
    purchased this brand new, worn literally once, or tried on once more precisely
    10/10 new
    35usd > like the m.a+ knit, get this for free when you purchase the aviator or the luc jacket. [added] If you take the zam b pants, this beanie becomes free as well
    - Label Under Construction hand spun tussah silk x angora rabbit yarn Scarf -

    courtesy of lowrey

    "made of handspun tussah silk irregular yarn & a blend of fine australian merino super 100's combined with selected dejarred angora rabbit yarn
    a total of 36 pieces were produced"

    incredibly rare
    the ultimate and best scarf you may ever encounter in a lifetime
    only putting this up as i feel i am not wealthy enough to hold on to such an exquisite, collector piece
    have been stored in the closet for some time now
    barely used
    9.5/10 new, with all tags
    interest check only, offers please, starting from 600usd
    (asking any below this would be a waste of time)
    - Ann Demeulemeester Claw Ring -

    iconic piece from ann dem
    a gem to layer the often boring summer outfit
    fits around US 7 3/4
    inner diameter 18mm-19mm
    carved .925 AD on one nail
    doesn't come with original box, but i'll include werkstatt munchen's box as pictured
    gorgeous sterling silver matches perfectly with black
    hand made in Germany
    retailed over 600usd
    now, sold
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    - Silent by Damir Doma basic hoodie -

    from Damir Doma's Silent 12 autumn/winter collection
    breathable medium-weight jersey cotton
    easy-to-wear, not too outward ninja-ish
    should fit into everyday context (campus, park, dt street etc) nicely without being overdressed - seriously, men don't wanna look ridiculous
    chunky ykk zipper with cotton pull tag
    pitch black
    size xs: fits a 46 perfect, like the fit pic provided
    fairly worn by me for the past few months, but there's no fading, no stain..etc
    *note there's a hole on the left wollen cuff, but it is an easy-fix, any tailor or youself can do the work.
    with original tags

    Edited: one thing i forgot to mention. the hood is actually made of two separate pieces in different textiles. The inner one is made of a thin stretchy jersey fabric, and the hood on the outside is made of the same material the rest of the jacket is made of. So, when you got the hood on, you may pull out the inner one a bit and create some layer - kinda looks like you're wearing a beanie underneath the hood.
    - The Viridi-Anne 2-button suit -

    these are my own pics
    2-button, single vent suit jacket
    great tailoring, conservative subtle shape - not too overly sharp or weird
    but as always, lovely details lie within - gorgeous textile, Y-cut at the back of arm pit , thin antique metal buttons [2-main buttons & cuffs], some interesting finish at the back of the lapel.
    fully lined with comfy rayon and cupro
    composition: 55% cotton / 23% wool / 22% angora
    pitch black, no hints of other bs
    size 2 (fits 44 with room for layers, 46 spot on)
    s to s: 42cm
    p to p: 46cm
    sleeves: 66cm
    length: 71cm
    made in Japan
    i've never ironed it so there're some wrinkles, but besides this condition is excellent, no tear, stain, holes, fading, smell, no nothing.
    asking sold
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    - Label Under Construction laser-cut button-down shirt -

    from luca's earlier work
    size 46 (fits a 46 spot on)
    overlock seams throughout
    lovely dry fabric, surprisingly doesn't wrinkle much
    laser-cut, gorgeous edges
    wooden double button (like those removable cuff buttons)
    can also be worn unbuttoned like a light weight shirt jacket
    pristine condition, some feelings of wear but no tear stain or any of those things
    I.C as well, will let go for offers as good as sold to a good home
    or i'll keep it with me
    - Label Under Construction silk bourette heavy cardigan -
    5-button, each button has that < stitch that Luca inherited from Cdiem's Linea line
    the collar is shorter and less robust so you can easily pair this cardigan with any scarf for a cozy look - which i was planning to wear everyday for this coming winter
    if you undo the top button, the lapel would form a subtle shawl collar that gives an effortless and modest vibe - as opposed to dramatic, attention-whore silhouette
    - Label Under Construction primary triangle shoulder knit -

    these are all my own pics
    best knit i've ever got from luc, and is the last luc knit left with me, a reluctant sale
    everything has a raw edge
    Luca's knit that molds the wearer's body like it's made for you
    reversible, so you basically get two looks from a single knit
    gorgeous colour and lovely hand, smooth and comfy
    made from 100% merino extrafine superior 140's yarn
    a total of 51 pieces of this article was produced (world wide) in the year of 2011
    size 48 (not for 48 at all, fits 46 spot on, can accommodate to a 44 as well)
    condition is 9/10 (-1 due to some inevitable minor peelings)
    with all tags
    - Label Under Construction military bread sack one-cut pleated pants -

    these are my own pics
    same pair at darklands for 1035euro:

    heavy military bread sack textile
    one-cut pleated for a less dramatic fit
    distressed effect (by hand) on the outseam
    object dyed waxy black
    size 46 (fits true, can work on a 44 with belt)
    worn less than 5 times, condition is as new 9.5/10, with all tags and extra buttons
    retailed 1035euro
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    - Layer-0 slim cut canvas pants -

    square edge 3D pockets - reminds me of ccp, but less dramatic
    leather stack buttons
    hand stitch seams
    stiff/sturdy medium weight canvas that gives a crispy hand, and awesome stacking
    color is a very rich stone gray with some hints of blue (demonstrated best by the 2nd pic)
    some white chalk finish by design
    an earlier piece that comes in very limited quantity
    retailed 680euro or higher
    condition is as new, sparingly worn
    size 44 (can accommodate to a 46 for skinny fit)
    sold to a real baller
    -Carpe Diem S40M destroyed horse side zip boots-

    the first 5 photos were taken by me today, last fit pic isn't mine but demonstrates the fit of these badass the best
    size: 42
    outsole's measured (on the side, not along the sole) ~30cm
    but due to low instep, they fit similar to ccp size 7 (41-42)
    most-wanted destroyed horse
    earlier iteration, gorgeous shape from Altieri (before 2005, or more precisely before Jun Hashimoto came and fuked things up), slightly lifted up toebox
    sleek and sexy
    waxy pitch black, some of the gray/brown undertone comes out a little bit in some area but not really visible.
    leather pull tag on each zipper's still nicely attached
    some wear on the original sole, but just newly vibrammed
    sold to the same baller!
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    cdiem boots, luc military tent patns, layer-0 canvas pants sold, thank you!
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    luc knit, cardigan, dd hoodie all sold
    price is firm on the remaining items
    thank you!

    good bye
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    sometimes I feel I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. - Jordan
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    Jamón ibérico
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    thanks so much for the feedback!
    it would be awesome if you could leave it here where people could refer back to more easily in the future.
    looking forward to doing business with you again ; )
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    luc shirt sold, might add some ricks later
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    might add altieri's S46M and RO 08f/w leather..both black, defining leather type, earlier work and rare as fuk
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    well, if someone got a pair of Rigards 0017 in matte black....
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    going to vegas next week, reasonable offers welcome
    **get the m.a+ knit and the beanie for free, when you purhcase the m.a+ aviator or the luc military-tent jacket. If you bought from me before, i can surely cut you a better price ---- until Aug 15
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    m.a+ knit surprisingly sold
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