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Thread: Techno general discussion

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    Black Asteroid and Dubfire show tomorrow night at Output

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    iamamiwhoami versus ionnalee; gone versus papacho - sort of a mashup we did

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    DVS1 killed it, yesterday in [o]: we danced 4 hours, totally hypnotized and feeling like marionnettes... Also Phase (live) was ace and Colin Benders made an uncanny and unique live with hand-made modulars which made [o] stage looks like a sci-fi 70s mad-scients lab-oratory...
    I found Ben Klock to be boring, this time (and not for the first time) :-/

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    Fantastic energy, with great 90's feel....

    I love beautiful melodies, telling me terrible things.
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    Had the pleasure to see them live last weekend. Pumping techno.

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    I love beautiful melodies, telling me terrible things.
    My Music:

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    I've shied away from ever defining what I like by paying any attention whatsoever to genres and terms but feel that after all this time listening I've nonetheless realized a kind of feeling or aesthetic and won't claim shuffling this will delight every ear because we're all in want of different things but it's eclectic and refined if nothing else.

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    As a teenager and young adult techno was a big part of my life as well as my friends. We not only went to raves and festivals religiously but we also loved to share underground artists and remixes. The soundtrack to a lot of the best times of my life is electro and house music. One of the last shows I went to (a long time ago) was the last set crookers played together before splitting up and it was incredible. If you don't know about Crookers I highly suggest them they are Italian Dj's. Just off the top of my head some of the best IMO are Boyz Noize, Gessafelstein, Crookers, Porter Robinson, Bloody Beetroots, Soulwax, Coldblank...

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    Techno is a big part of South African music culture.
    I don't listen to tech much anymore, but there is always time in my music rotation. My preferred styles of techno are industrial, and dark tech.

    Lewis031 - a Durban tech artist I grew up listening to at clubs:


    These two here...
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