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    I just had a small question for any pattern drafters on the board. I have a bunch of patterns I need to grade. I studied and practiced a bit of grading in school and have a general idea of how its done but some of the patterns have many pieces and my school did not cover it in depth. I was wondering in peoples experience if they have any tips on techniques they have used/any books they would recommend. Keep in mind I am doing this all by hand so no grading machine and no gerber. I am assuming I am just going to have to slash and spread but I wanted to see if anyone here had any advice. Thanks!

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    Do you understand how the body grows/ transforms moving from one size to the next?

    also what grading method did they teach you in school?
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    Manually we basically learned to use an origin point and move the basic blocks up down left or right while tracing corner intersections,dart points, hems,etc. And then true it all together in the end. With the manual grading machine same deal but using movements with the piece in the machine. I also have used gerber to grade but I obviously don't have the resources to have that whole set up. I believe I know how the body grows and the areas I suppose (neckline, shoulder, armhole, waist, trouser length, inseam, hip. I guess distribution/technique is my issue. If it's a 2 inch total grade, 1/2 inch quarter body. How do I distribute that half inch across all areas and for more complex patterns each individual piece. Thanks for the reply!

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