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Thread: Cheap or expensive layering tops?

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    Baserange really is quite unique in their bra designs. My girlfriend swears by them but unfortunately their sizing is too big for my underbust when the bra fits around the bust

    Most of the bralettes on etsy are either lots of lace or straps galore but you might want to check out origami customs. They also have lots of the lace and strap stuff going on but they also have a few simple designs and they customize everything to your measurements without any extra fees. I've ordered a few times from her before and never had anything to complain about.
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    i mostly go for long Boris tops but i initially found some really nice ones by BARBARA I GONGINI. The fabric is super nice and that the whole brand is sustainable kinda adds good karma to it as well.
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    I prefer to spend my money on outerwear than underwear. I feel that, for me anyway, it matters less for what I consider to be a throw away item, rather than a jacket or sweater. I hope that helps :)

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