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    Hi forum...first post. I have been noticing streetwear more lately than usual and have some questions. I suppose this comes under the category of the "psychology" of the genre...but I need to understand why it is so popular?

    For instance, generally I buy graphic clothing with content that means something to me. But in the case of streetwear, the message content seems null. Example: Benny Gold. I've seen the stuff and the designs are good. But WHY does someone want to go about wearing clothing with his name all over it? Content-wise, it's like he makes up designs for non-existant things...casts his name into it and it sells (?). "Benny Gold yacht club" "...hunting club" "Benny Gold first in flight" etc.

    Not saying anythind is wrong with it but why does this sell? I really want to understand this.



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    is that you???
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    In Germany it´s usually douchy people who wear shirts like the ones you mentioned. I guess some people are afraid they´ll come off as boring if they wear a "boring" (= blank) t-shirt/shirt. Plus these fake yacht clubs etc. add fake heritage to the garment they´re printed on.

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    Elaborate bot, trashes its own brand, mmmh, they really get smarter.
    That's pretty brilliant.

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