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Thread: FS: Boris Bidjan Saberi Leather (Small), Rick Owen's Ramones (38), MA+ Boots (37-38)

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    Default FS: Boris Bidjan Saberi Leather (Small), Rick Owen's Ramones (38), MA+ Boots (37-38)

    Hardly Worn Women's Boris Bidjan Saberi Leather Jacket - Size Small S
    This is your chance to own a stand-out piece from one of the most influential and sought after avant-garde designers. It has been crafted from a supple dimpled lambskin that is soft yet durable. Each leather piece has been stitched together using a rarely used over-locking method, that retains small gaps between the pieces of leather. The jacket has many other details, such as straps within the jacket that allow it to be worn as a backpack when it gets hot, leather loops on the sleeves for your thumbs to slide through (and feel the high quality leather on your fingers), and an inside pocket.

    A BBS leather jacket is a grail piece for many, and having had the pleasure of owning this jacket I can only agree that it is one of the most well made, high quality leather jackets money can buy. The only reason it is being sold is because I unfortunately can no longer fit this jacket comfortably.

    Size: Small (Women's)

    14.5" (37cm) Shoulder-to-shoulder
    13.5" (34cm) Pit-to-pit
    27" (69cm) Front length
    23" (58cm) Back length
    23.5" (60cm) Sleeve (approximate only due to the curve of the sleeve)


    Close-up of tag:

    Bought locally in Australia, this jacket retailed for approximately $4300 USD ($4300 AUD). I was fortunate enough to be able to buy the jacket at a significant discount, so I will be passing this on to the next owner along with a discount for it being lightly worn.

    Selling for: SOLD shipped

    MA+ Boots - Size 37 (though fits like 38)
    Worn only 2-3 times and kept in a drawer the rest of its life. As new condition. More of an olive green than the brown the pictures show. Diagonal zip. The leather is supple and has a naturally worn look to it.

    Paid $2200 AUD ($1577 USD) new, selling for SOLD

    Any questions please ask.
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    Price drop from $1950 to $1850 USD

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    Hi xunu166,

    Firstly it is a leather jacket not a shirt. Though it does fit quite snugly as a shirt might so I can understand the confusion.

    As for pricing, yes it is quite expensive. Boris Bidjan Saberi are a very high end luxury brand and the price reflects that. However the price of this jacket is considerably lower than what you see when buying Boris Bidjan Saberi new. See below for comparison (note as well that most are sold out. I have not purchased any BBS jackets online but it seems these are not easy to come by):



    Note also that this is for comparison only. I am not affiliated/sponsored/etc. with any of the above stores or the Boris Bidjan Saberi brand.

    Happy to consider any reasonable offers on the jacket if you can provide some justification for it (e.g. if you see a comparable BBS jacket cheaper elsewhere).

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    Bump and pricedrops!

    Leather jacket: from $1850 USD to $1400 USD ($1800 AUD)
    MA+ Boots: from $1200 USD to $900 USD ($1200 AUD)
    Ramones: from $450 USD to $300 USD ($400 AUD)

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    Hi hoaloaken,

    All items are still up for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XenoX101 View Post
    Hi hoaloaken,

    All items are still up for sale.
    Bump and added two more photos of the MA+ Boots, showing the original packaging, receipt, and bottom of the soles.

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    Bump! Added new photos of the BBS Jacket with a women's mannequin to better show the fit.

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    Bump and major price drops (20-25% off)! Ramones have been sold.

    Leather jacket:
    from $1400 USD to $1110 USD ($1500 AUD).
    RRP was $4300 USD

    MA+ Boots:
    from $900 USD to $670 USD ($900 AUD).
    RRP was $1600 USD

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    Bump and major price drops once again.

    Leather jacket:
    from $1110 USD to $1000 USD ($1100 AUD).
    RRP was $4300 USD

    MA+ Boots:
    from $670 USD to $400 USD ($500 AUD).
    RRP was $1600 USD

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    Pm'd you about the MA+ boots ��

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    Boots are SOLD

    Boris Bidjan Saberi Leather Jacket still up for sale! Big price drop from $1000 USD to $780 USD ($999 AU)!

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    Bump and price drop on Boris Bidjan Saberi Leather jacket:

    $684 USD ($899 AU), amounting to 85% off the $4357 USD RRP ($5720 AUD). Possibly the most affordable Women's Boris leather on the market.

    Retail photo of back (couldn't find front):

    Front looks similar to this but in a different leather (has a more matte finish). Fit and features such as the high collar, zip tag, overlocked seams, invisible pockets, and thumb strap are almost the same (if not the same).

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    Jacket is no longer for sale unless the offer is made over > $1200 USD, which may be considered (depending on the amount). Unfortuantely I will not sell for less, as I would rather make use of the jacket at a lower price.

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    Where are the ramones? I dont see them anywhere in the post.

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    is the jacket still for sale?

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    Ramones are sold.

    BBS Jacket is still for sale at $570 USD or $799 AUD. Not going any lower than this considering RRP was $6,000 and I have only worn it a few times. It is also a past season so it is no longer being made, which also makes it a collectible. Please PM me if you are interested or would like to know more!


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    Default BBS Jacket has been sold


    The BBS Jacket has been sold. Thank you for your interest and patronage.


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