- Rick Owens Moto Jacket Oiled Calf -

From earlier season before the main manufacturing change.
Evident from the RY zipper (which's later reformed to Raccagni)
Made in Italy version, not the current cheap ass moldova made ones.

Substantial oiled calf that's good for spring and fall. decent weight and thickness as expected from earlier rick. inside strap can be used to carry the jacket or for hanging. Code: RU 1769 / LO (Oiled Calf). Classy moto jacket with Rick's minimalist / geometric twist. An easy to wear daily piece and is super versatile with pretty much anything monochrom.

Size S but fits a true XS (Euro 44), no bigger

Black (pitch black, no other hues or any bs)

excellent condition

Retail close to 3k

wouldn't let go had i not outgrown it.
willing to trade for the same one to fit a size 46 or I'm generally interested in [pre-2010 Damir Doma] / Rick Owens / Ann Demeulemeester / Arcteryx Veilance

Asking 750usd