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Thread: FS: Fashion/Designer Photobooks, good ones

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    Default FS: Fashion/Designer Photobooks, good ones

    Hey everyone, I have a ton of photobooks and am out of space for the little one to grow. Am currently looking into getting a website designed for a storefront, but not cheap and will take time. As such, below are most of the recognizable titles I have and probably a lot of others I can’t think of right now. Have tons of photography monographs as well if anyone looking for rare & out of print recent titles or old Japanese ones.

    Will try to update with some pricing as the week goes on, but won’t be quick. Hit me up for queries & pics.

    Cdg / Visionaire – Visionaire book, red cover (like new)
    Visionaire - Louis Vuitton fashion special 18 (hand clutch & book still sealed in original shipping box)
    Jun takahashi – seditionaries (like new)
    A Magazine – nearly complete run: starting from No. 0 through the ABC’s and on (just missing No. 10, 8, 5, and one of the alphabetical ones)
    Cdg – ’91 furniture catalog (quite rare)
    Cdg - 2016 werk series, (volumes 1 - 6)
    Cdg - 2015 JR series (volumes 1 - 20, except 7)
    Cdg - 2012 Rene Burri (30 volumes)
    Cdg - 2014 RAWVISION, full set (xx volumes)
    Cdg - six No. 1
    Cdg – six No. 2
    Cdg – memoir de la mode
    Undercover - Cream magazine issue No. 4
    Undercover – grace
    Undercover – A mag
    Undercover – labyrinth of (2015 exhibition book)
    Undercover – Shepherd
    Raf simons – redux
    Raf simons – the fourth sex
    Margiela - 9/4/1615, 1997
    Margiela – 20th exhibition book
    Margiela - encens 20
    Margiela – street special 1 &2, ’99 1st print
    Margiela – A magazine #1
    Margiela – Cream magazine issue
    Fiorucci: the book (eve babitz)
    30 Anni Di Vogue, ’64 – ‘84
    Purple fashion – complete 3rd series
    Purple fashion – nearly complete 2nd series
    And lots of other purple goodies of course: sexe, journal, etc.

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    apologies for delays everyone but have now responded to all PM's. will be posting prices following word back from initial queries.

    also, not sure how I forgot this one as is an SZ classic but also have 6+ Antwerp Fashion book for 400

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    Just going to put in a random bump here in case anyone looking to complete their designer book collections start of the new year here.

    The prior list has of course changed; some are gone, but many others have joined the ranks (hello CDG - 1975 to 1982 / re-fusing fashion, vogue - stile in progress, yamamoto - talking to myself, ohishi - Paris collection 1981-2000, etc.). Can't guarantee I'll get an updated list posted soon, but leave me reply or pm me if you're looking for any designer / fashion books in specific.

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