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    Hi all,

    Please redirect me if this is the wrong spot to post, but as someone who recently moved to the south for graduate school (Raleigh, NC), I am desperate for good things to do and see around here. Clearly clothing-related endeavors are a nonstarter, but maybe there are some other cool cultural aspects in this region that I am missing? The restaurant scene in the NC triangle is booming (I've had meals that outclass those from Michelin-starred Tokyo and NYC joints), sports are huge (blech), and there are a plethora of fantastic outdoor activities (mountains, beaches, rock-climbing, kayaking, etc...).

    If any of ya'll (oh god, what's happening to me) know of anything good or are locals, please share!

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    Where did you move from? I mean, "The Depressing South"? You're not in some backwoods. You're right outside 3 fantastic universities ( just kidding �� NC State's great, too), in a pretty cosmopolitan, growing part of the Southeast. Chapel Hill and Charlotte get pretty much any music act you can imagine, if you like going to shows. Atlanta's not that far away. Plus you're in grad school, you should be studying or slaving away in a lab or studio! Visit Ashville, too, it's lovely and has been receiving a lot of attention recently.

    But as a South Carolina native and current Southerner in Kentucky, I sympathize with the lack of clothing related endeavors. I don't know what your style is like, but be prepared for some funny looks. Anyway, welcome. Good luck in grad school! What do you study?

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    Thanks so much for the reply. I will admit, "The depressing south" isn't 100% accurate and probably sounds obnoxious. I completely agree that musical acts do regularly visit here and are readily available. I also should make a trip to Ashville. What do you recommend doing there?

    I'm studying nuclear engineering, so my peers don't really share many of my interests, which is making the transition even harder.

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