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    Default My student work

    Hello! I just completed my term garment! It was selected to be a part of the exhibition, alongside ahimsa's sick metal dress . The exhibition theme was Mad Max vs. Marie Antoinette. I know it isn't quite the SZ aesthetic, but I am trying to work on my adaptability as a designer. I'd love to know what you all think!

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    I think that's really cool.

    I love the fabric and the straps, maybe a little more bdsm than mad max... but maybe I'm just a perv.

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    Dorje, let's not forget this part from Mad Max ;)

    Somehow most of my garments tend to have references to BDSM gear. Maybe I'm the perv, actually.
    This is my term garment for one of my draping classes last semester. I swear I don't always use straps and hardware :P

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    "Mad Max vs. Marie Antoinette" certainly is interesting to say the least. I showed a pic of the Black to my girlfriend and she swooned over it.

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    returningson To my credit, the theme was chosen by the "higher ups".
    I'm thinking of shortening the black dress so it stops before the flare. I'm not too happy with that part. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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    You have a distinct look going on, and that's really cool. The "challenge" dress is an interesting execution based on the (rather unusual) theme. I personally love the drape sample! I have to agree with you regarding the flared section below the knee though. Perhaps cropping the dress or allowing the garment to fall straight to the floor from the hip?

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    It looks pretty cool and interesting. You are cool

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    Wow, that's fantastic. I would like to wear it!

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    Wow, incredible

    Great work!

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