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    Hey there,

    If anyone might be interested, my friend a silversmith made me this ring which is so freaking cool..

    It has an incredible weight to it and a beautiful distressed silver look..

    If you might be interested, I can put you into communication with her.

    I am not into making any monies off this sale, this would be between you and her.

    I just wanted to bring the opportunity to get a cool ring made for yourself.

    She can work with you on sizing, gauge etc for your personal likes..

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    How expensive is it to order a ring from your friend? My girlfriend and I have an anniversary coming up, so I decided to give her something special. And what could be more special than a custom-made ring? However, I have a budget of $ 150, so I hope that this amount will be enough. Of course, as a last resort, I have an idea to give my girlfriend a mood necklace. However, I do not believe that a jewel can predict the mood. A person's mood depends on many factors that affect human behavior in their own way.
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