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Thread: Recent Work for Local Fashion Show

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    Default Recent Work for Local Fashion Show

    Recent work I did for the local fashion show-- Thought I'd share with the community.

    I'm not a design student but I think it turned out quite well...
    Thanks for looking

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    That's just gorgeous!

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    the pants that the girl wore that were tucked in were interesting. great job

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    I'm very happy to here.This is my first post and new to this post.
    I'm interested in fashion and designing and like and eager to know more about the new trends available now.

    Hope you will help me in some way.
    Thank YOU!

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    I couldn't see the video. It shows that the video is unavailable. Can you please share the link to original video again here? Let me see the creativity. Students have great talents, and we have to support them. They will get encouraged to do anything inside or outside the campus if they get great support from their teachers, parents, and friends. We have to back them every time. I do expect to get the link to watch the video here. Thanks in advance.

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    Students have more creativity at their age. I really hope more students post their great work here. Expect to see that.

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    Could't see the video, maybe because it's 2 years old. Really do wish too that students post their work. We might see the future of the fashion world.

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    I'm a person who always wants to help others with whatever thing I can do from my side. I thought of a good opportunity here to give some fair opinions after seeing your comment, but sadly I can't see the video as it's not available right now. Can you please check the issue and share the right video again?

    I'm a newbie here and I would like to be a regular community member hereafter. So a small introduction about me; I'm working in a maid service (see this) taking care of the kids and elderly people in the family. I have some free hours every day and I wish to spend it here with other like minded people here. So please keep in touch.

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