Hi everyone,

Itís been a while since I posted on here. It seems fashion has unfortunately largely moved to Instagram but I hope forums can still play a role for those who want more in depth information. I wanted to share some of my work here as reading and posting on Stylezeitgeist was a significant part of my education.

My most recent work was to assist with Aitor Throupís upcoming collection - I left there recently due to becoming a father, and the collection is still under wraps for now, but Iím very excited for everyone to see it once itís released.

In the meantime here is my BA collection. I wanted to create calm garments that are inspired by German folk clothing, using historical one piece cutting techniques but pushing them to create something modern.

You can see some excerpts from my lookbook and process below. There is more on my website, www.christopher-ehrlich.com. Any feedback is appreciated :)