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Thread: Normal-physique-friendly designers?

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    Default Normal-physique-friendly designers?

    Hi! Id like to buy my wife something for her birthday. She is not interested in designer fashion per se but of course she enjoys something beautiful to wear. Most of her stuff is pretty basic in terms of materials / designs / etc and I want to give her something that is comfortable and that ties in with her usual wardrobe. By no means am I trying to change how she dresses, that is up to her. I just want to find something that is somewhat iconic and she will fall in love with when I give it to her.

    So here is my question:
    She is small and has a normal build. Which is something some designers seem unwanting to accomodate (unlike men clothing - I went from slightly fat to normal recently and now everything fits perfectly well). I once bought her a size 34 Rick Owens jacket but it was too long and a bit too tight. I would like to find some brands that tend to fit better on a person that is relatively small and not ultra slim (Latina). I have a lot of time left for digging and researching but would like to start building an opinion early.

    Which brands would you reckon to check out?
    There is not really a set budget its more about whether something adds value or not.

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    Keep trying Rick Owens if she is into it.
    It will be long, tight, sheer or bulky, but you are on SZ, right?

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    Phahah no - the guy can either insult the physique of my wife or get my money, not both at same time :)

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    I have had incredible luck buying CDG for my GF-- she is pretty petite but the cut is often very flattering. Yohji has been pretty good too

    And oddly enough, She has a good amount of vintage chalayan that fits spot on

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    Thanks Supercilious cdg seems very good advice - i‘ll dig into that a bit more!

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    The high contours within the footbed take a little becoming accustomed to, but the BIRKENSTOCK footbed is good although you may commit most of your entire day on the move. Upon having donned BIRKENSTOCK shoes, you won't want everything else.Birkenstock sales UK

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    I can understand your concern. There are variety of brands like The Row, Acne Studios, and Isabel Marant for quality pieces that specialize in making clothing for people with a smaller frame. This collection includes styles from top designers that are designed to fit better on petite figures. Browse this selection to buy a gift.

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