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Thread: Good websites/apps for cheap high end clothes?

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    Default Good websites/apps for cheap high end clothes?


    Im looking to upgrade my wardrobe however I have a limited budget so would really like to know if there are any good places to look for cheap garms.
    Thinking along the lines of YJP or Grailed, what are some other sites you know where I can find some steals.


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    Occasionally there's some good stuff on Depop which is a mobile app but usually I just search for designers I like on all different platforms such as Depop, Grailed, Ebay, facebook market place and sometimes i'm surprised by what's on there and what's available.

    By YJP do you mean yahoo japan?

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    I've had some luck on Vestiare Collective and The Real Real as well. I bought a beautiful Yohji Yamamoto double breasted wool overcoat from AW1994 or 96, can't remember. It was a good price. Do you have a sense of what designers you're looking for, or aesthetic/styles of clothing you're shopping for?

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    It is not second-hand like the sites you mentioned but, I would highly recommend Yoox. Though it really all depends on what brands or designers you are looking for specifically. With Yoox I have had really good luck with acquiring really nice Isabel Benenato and Ann Demeulemeester Pieces for insanely good prices. Best of luck!

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    Hello, I would like to thank you it will help me to make my wardrobe better. I hope I find a great present for me after I will finish my question and answer essay task.

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    I know my girlfriend likes Shein. They're ok in my opinion. :)

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    I think we should use apps from monopolists in the fashion industry.

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