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Thread: Question about Archive Issey Miyake 96aw Parachute Cargo Bomber

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    Default Question about Archive Issey Miyake 96aw Parachute Cargo Bomber

    This is my first time posting so please excuse me or redirect me if this isnt the right place.

    My friends and I were having a debate about the infamous Issey Miyake 96aw Parachute Bomber jacket. It is a notoriously undocumented jacket even pictures of it on the runway barely exist and we were arguing about whether there is only one iteration of the material used or two. To me it seems there are two version the smooth, shiny more common bomber material and the other "rugged" matte nylon. It was argued that there was only one type of nylon used and that it just looks differently in different lights. My research showed that on the tags of different bombers there are different manufacturing countries and information. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on whether or not there is a smooth and rugged iteration or not. Thanks.

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