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Thread: Maison Martin Margiela

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    I recently took up a project to analyze the clothing from every MMM runway show. 1 runway show per video. The first installment ended up being 22 minutes long. I’m very excited to create more. I’m posting here bc I know we have some rather serious collectors of Martin’s work. If anyone has any feedback, I’d greatly appreciate it.
    I've been really enjoying these so far. First couple I'd recommend to anyone as an introduction to Margiela and the new third one was really good.

    It's so great to hear someone talk so enthusiastically about the subject matter and to be able to go through the collections in such detail.

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    It seems Martin Margiela has a few new pieces of more sculptural artwork in a German exhibition. Does anyone have more info? I haven't been able to find much.

    edit: found photos of two of the pieces, a probable Oppenheim nod titled "Pet" and some stretched underwear titled "Tondi" (Mapplethorpe reference?).

    image source
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    I have access to quite a few Margiela books, I would be happy to scan some if there's any burning requests!

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    I am trying to identify past show pieces I have collected, I was hoping the book Martin Margiela The Women's Collections that I recently purchased who include more extensive photography of the pieces.

    Can anyone advise the best resource to view complete collections? Obviously the film online is pretty rough and I can't find all of the shows either.

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    My company is releasing this documentary about MM (he speaks!). Thought ya'll might find it interesting.

    Trailer is here:

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    Thank you for the link! Never thought I'd see the day, truthfully.

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