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    so i saw that (+) wallet post a day or so ago and it gave me some ideas.

    i grabbed some extra fabric i had lying around (canvas, if it matters) and did my own little rough interpretation.

    here are a few pics of the "finished" wallet.

    it really just exists as a model for me to go back and do more smoothly, probably after i can find a good source for quality leather.

    here it is opened so you can see the 2 different depth "pockets." i made it so that one is just deep enough for ids/credit cards and the other is deeper, like for receipts and such.

    this is just to show the depth of the shorter "pocket." when horizontal, standard size ids just peek out of the top so i can tell them apart without digging though.

    here my ids are in the other pocket. they're vertical in the pic, to show the true depth.

    this is it opened. when i go back and make a more finished version i think i'm going to stitch the far end closed instead of using staples like i did here. i'm open to suggestions on what to do, though.

    there's also a little hidden pocket so i can stuff other things in it.

    last pic, i promise. if anyone wants, i'll post the pattern i used to make it. it's pretty simple.

    i'm also working on a version of the + bag. i'll post some pics when i'm further along.

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    i have a pattern of the actual wallet i made from measurements of the wallet in hand. that looks more like an old cdiem wallet haha. great to see more people working on stuff! once this final is over tomorrow... :) keep up the good work!

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    haha, well i do like cdiem too!

    when you get a chance would you mind posting the pattern you made? i'd like to see it.

    good luck with your final.

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    yes...a pattern would be much appreciated! thank you.

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