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Thread: The Maurizio Amadei (+) bag

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    [quote user="kucejoe"]Well, I have been inspired, last night I made a mini scale model of my very own and it worked out surprisingly well considering I am usually useless at measuring, but the one you made just looks great. One thing that you mentioned about reinforcing the holes is something I have been wondering about too. How are you going to do that?

    After I punched the holes it seems like it's heavy duty enough that no reinforcements will be necessary. As long as you're careful enough to punch all the holes in the same horizontal plane so that they all carry equal weight, there shouldn't be much pulling. Plus, essentially 3 layers of rough cotton canvas is pretty damn sturdy/heavy duty!

    Show ups pix of your mini version! - Digital Portfolio Of Projects & Designs

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    thecanvas bag looksawesomeChinorlz!!! definatley got to try this out in the near future...kekeke. i love this site!

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    chinorlz, well done!

    looks great.

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