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Thread: Help me fix my Ann Demeulemeester hoodie

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    Default Help me fix my Ann Demeulemeester hoodie

    I have a little, although not unexpected in any way, problems with an Ann D cashmere/cotton stripped hoodie with oversized hood I purchased a few months ago. I know a lot of you got it in the recent aloharag (?) online sale so you might help me or benefit from other people answers. The material is very delicate and has developed some holes near the end of the sleeves, the fabric is so thin I just don?t see how I could fix it with some regular threads and I?m wondering what to do to keep it from starting to unravel completely. I?m not too worried at this point but since I?ve only worn it about 6 times over a period of 4 months I feel that it might be ruined pretty quickly if I don?t do something.

    I?ll try to look for a pic of the original piece and take pictures of the damage when I get my camera back.

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    Default Re: Help me fix my Ann Demeulemeester hoodie

    Hmm, definitely snap a detailed photo of the fabric and the little hole... depending on the size and the sheerness of the fabric, you can possibly bring both edges of the hole together and run an "over under" sort of stitch to close it. Again depending on the sheerness of the fabric, if done right you'd end up with just a thin little line where the hole used to be. - Digital Portfolio Of Projects & Designs

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