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Serious question, how do you guys, living within the country, cope with this daily madness?

Faust said:
There were a couple of big tech announcements in the consumer tech world recently that have made me feel sad about the continuing erasure of quality in favor of convenience in our lives.

1) The announcement of iPhone 7, on which you can only listen to you already lossy music only through wireless headphones. In essence this is Apple saying, fuck you and your hi-fi headphones and your headphone DACs. I can only imagine how many enthusiasts this has pissed off; and what are they supposed to do now with the headphones they have invested in? I really hope this will come back to bite Apple hard, but I am not holding my breath.

2) The announcement of Amazon offering unlimited streaming music (MP3, of course) for only $4 a month. The catch is that you can only get that pricing if you buy their new piece of crap Echo Dot "speaker" (which they sell in 6-packs, like beer). Undoubtedly, a ton of people will sign up for this.

We used to LISTEN to music. Like, really listen - not just hum the words in unison or have something in the background but we used to let music be a transformative experience. This quality is increasingly being lost in favor of convenience and I find this really sad. (I also find it disturbing that Amazon treats cultural production as a vehicle for selling low grade consumer products, not that it's news to any one.)

I am going the opposite way. I bought a pair of Focal tower speakers late last year, following up with a new amp and an OPPO universal disc player. I am buying CDs again and I am looking into streaming HD audio.

Bukka - a lot of people here find something they enjoy and just go with it. Some folks fish whole year round, some shoot at their backyard or hunt. I'm mostly doing some woodworking on my free time :D I do other activities too(usually hunting in November and practicing with my 380 pistol (https://gritrsports.com/shooting/fir...stols/380-acp/ Sig P365) at the range. But some folks make it their whole personality basically.
Yeah, before music got "figured out" and it went from being an art to being(mostly) a business. Those days people can just manufacture a tune that people are going to like for 10-15 repeats, netting it good sales. It's gonna be shallow and repetetive, but it's gonna sell. And that's a really sad part.