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Thread: Documentaries

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    Good call, thanks.

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    Searching for Sugar Man is still in the cinema here... Have been thinking about going, but after reading this thread will definitely have to make it a point. I can't get enough of great documentaries. Maybe because life is indeed much more interesting than fiction, if you're paying attention!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKA*NYC View Post
    one of the best movies i've seen in years. killing fields x el topo.

    The Act of Killing blew me away. I went knowing only the most basic outlines of its premises but was captivated from the first moment.

    It is a terrifying lesson of a nation's (and likely our) complicity in blurring the lines of a collective historicity and begs us to reconsider our notions of a relative or an universal morality.

    See it. Please. Brilliant.

    "To articulate what is past does not mean to recognize 'how it really was.'
    It means to take control of a memory, as it flashes in a moment of danger."

    -Walter Benjamin. Thesis VI, Theses on the Philosophy of History
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    And speaking of documentaries, I know this one is very well known, everyone has either seen it or doesn't want to see it... but everyone SHOULD see it, for their own well being, for the future of everyone and everything... seriously... Food Inc.

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    This is a documentary about around 50 pupils aged 14-18 rehearsing every Saturday from April to the premiere November 2008 with Pina Bausch her work Kontakthof (Court of Contact).

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    How a flamenco guitar is made from scratch in less than 4 minutes.I guess you can call it a short documentary

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    Great one! Saw this a while already. I'm currently looking for a new guitar. Really want a handmade Spanish guitar, but those are rather expensive. This movies let's you see why :)

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    Just saw 'What Happened, Miss Simone?'

    On Netflix. Not sure if it has been mentioned already..

    Thought it was well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casem View Post
    For some reason it came up in conversation yesterday that I had seen the movie "Zoo" at the IFC a few years ago, a documentary about a man who was literally fucked to death by a horse.

    There's no graphic depictions and in fact I found the movie rather hypnotic and oddly soothing as it mostly consisted of slow moving shots of wide open country overlayed with the audio from interviews of friends/participants of the man who died recounting the story. I thought this juxtaposition was rather artful and allowed the story to be told without judgement.

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