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Thread: Ann Demeulemeester Mens F/W 09

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    Default Ann Demeulemeester Mens F/W 09

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    beautiful as always..

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    all i have to say is:

    yayy!!!! lol

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    Among others, wow!

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    speechless... easily her best collection since Fall 2007. The boots are great, the oversized knit cardigans are amazing. The collection is tender but incredibly masculine at the same time... dare I say sexy? I'm sure YY would concur.

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    This incredibly beautiful, the best from her in a couple of season and the best collection from Paris so far.

    It reminds me quite a lot of the FW 04 collection, because of the layered jackets, gloves and equestrian boots combo.

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    i'd kill for one of those oversized knits!
    And through their parting lids there came and went
    Keen glimpses of the inner firmament

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    she can do no wrong, the hats the hats the hats the last looks to close the show is my fav but hard to really chose one

    the pants looks beautiful

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    boots! hats! knits! buttons! Great...

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    definitely in the running with RO for the best collection from Paris thus far– loving the oversized knits, asymmetrical jackets, and rows and rows of buttons!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bestial View Post

    Among others, wow!
    Haha, I actually said "wow" out loud too when I saw that knit, it's a knockout.

    Really liking the more military-inspired coats and jackets with brass/black buttons, the cutaway jackets/vests/cardi. The color palette also is very reminiscent of fall 04.

    The bottom half of the outfits kinda bothers me a bit though, I think it's the chunkyness/stacking with the trousers and the boots, this pic of Karla keeps popping up:

    Great, now I think I ruined the thread for everyone with that pic.

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    not soo keen on those buttons

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    Quote Originally Posted by drexl View Post
    Great, now I think I ruined the thread for everyone with that pic.
    haha, my thoughts exactly! no but seriously, I do agree in some ways.. I think the models pull it off really well, but for myself I'd have prefered a thinner cut as seen in F/W07.

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    damn you, drexl! that pic

    My money is on Ann this fall.

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    I love the trousers as well. They all look to bunch and fit just right.

    Initially I wasn't feeling the boots, probably because the first ones look like they're made from velvet and it looks kind of tacky. The rest is good, looks like an old Ann collection to me. I wish she would've showed more footwear in the collection. The brown color she chose is very nice as well.

    These were my 2 favorites:

    Love the texture in the jacket. It just comes off so perfect with good proportion and everything fits right.

    All of the loose knit hanging pieces look amazing, as does the sweater.

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    Agree on the trousers, they look great. The jacket with what looks like roses is beautiful:

    Wonder what the material is? is it mink?

    Don't really like the hats, don't mind the boots though. Looks like there are a lot of nice belts, jackets and knits too.

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    it's beautiful but it's just ann doing ann.

    return of the boot?:

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    i really like this look

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