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Thread: FS: Junya x Gloverall plaid duffle cost | Paul Harnden Balmoral Boots

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    Default FS: Junya x Gloverall plaid duffle cost | Paul Harnden Balmoral Boots

    not sure if it's a good start, but willin to share with szers

    Accpet paypal and all including shipping within north america, elsewhere just pm / negotiate
    check my album for detail pic. thx

    Paul Harnden Balmoral Ankle Boots
    Brand new with tag & bag
    sz:9.5 (fits US10 - 11)
    color: TARMAC
    Paid $1535..looking for SOLD

    Junya Watanabe x Gloverall Wool Duffle Coat
    Brand New with tag,
    size large, retail was 2k USD
    runway piece, collaboration between classic english gloverall and junya.
    -gray/blk/red plaid
    -horn toggle
    -adjustable hood
    -Made in Japan
    looking for $845

    Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus 08a/w deconstructed plaid blazer
    brand new with tag,
    size medium
    handmade deconstructed and patch work
    made in japan
    retail was $1495, looking for $705
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    daaang, those PHs are nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by klangspiel View Post
    daaang, those PHs are nice!

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    add a cdg h+ blazer..

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    ok...900 for junya, and 900 for PH.
    i have to sell them asap
    can't return..:(
    someone help me..or offer me..

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    Dear Harndens,
    Please shrink a few sizes and you will be taken to a loving home.
    Regards, littlefeet.
    let us raise a toast to ancient cotton, rotten voile, gloomy silk, slick carf, decayed goat, inflamed ram, sooty nelton, stifling silk, lazy sheep, bone-dry broad & skinny baffalo.

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    someone buy them
    price drop again
    just for sz!

    50$ off of the price i listed

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    845$ now for junya coat & paul
    pm for offer

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    Default PH

    Nice boots. Think I've seen the shoes in UK before. PM'd you with an offer. Cheers.

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    PH sold...
    other still up for sale

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