this is all that route a and b thing no? i remember its easier to get on the BA if you did the foundation at CSM and everything is done by quota

st m's is a good school but i think it is better if you already have technical skills and keep learning them through night courses etc. they concentrate on doing one thing and they do it very well, (which is not to say you dont learn technical skills there its just not the biggest part) St ms doesn't really teach you anything but learn an incredible amount, its more self motivated learning. its the enviroment, resources and competitiveness that make it work. most of all its the level of work that you are expected to produce, if your work is shit they will tell you its shit... there is a very fast and steep learning curve there.

also it worth noting that the college will be moving to new buildings in kings cross in 2011 not sure ifs its a good thing but it will mean that all pathways will be in the same place.(fashion is only one part of the whole art school)