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    Default Fashion Schools

    Hello, I`m a first time poster but a long time reader.

    I currently live in Vancouver BC, and I am planning on applying to go in to fashion design at a school around here.
    Right now I am taking Fashion Illustration and Sewing at Vancouver Community College and I am thinking about going into the fashion diploma program but I am not sure if it would be a waste of time and money or be beneficial for me.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should do

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    What do you plan on accomplishing at school? What are your goals and aspirations for Fashion design? Do you want to work in design? Pattern-making?

    IMO, the schools in Vancouver are mostly over-priced pattern-maker and grader factories. For the most part I haven't been impressed by the talent that comes out of those schools or the instructors - also, they are years behind when it comes to the international market.

    If you're really serious about design you can get some good skills from the schools there (taking a sewing and/or pattern making course at VCC is a useful/economic approach) that will help your chances of getting entry into a good school... In Canada, Ryerson is pretty well recognized and Concordia in Montreal is putting a lot of effort into improving their fashion design program. If you're feeling confident (and can afford tuition) send your portfolio overseas (Central St. Martins, Parsons, FIT, etc.).
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    Personally, i think all fashion collges, university, academy and so on... is a bullshit. Everything, everything you can achive by yourself! You just need time, clients and unbending WILL. It's very hard work,you'll be close to suicide but it worth it. I'm now in design only four years (well, first two years difficult to called design ), now i'm very into it.
    If you really like this shit and have sewing machine, forget about schools, you don't need it. [BTW, anybody know, has Boris Bidjan studying anywere?]

    But it's my opinion, and if i want it, i think i'll try to go to Antwerpen

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRSltd View Post
    [BTW, anybody know, has Boris Bidjan studying anywere?]
    Yes, Boris did a year or two in one of the schools in Barcelona and he dropped out being angry at the school, not going to mention its name not to give it publicity it doesn't deserve.

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    I'm entering my 4th year at Kwantlen in the fall and while I've greatly enjoyed my time there, it is essentially a trade school for the fashion industry. Focusing on creating fashion industry employees for mainstream fashion brands. It is not the place to be if you want to explore creatively.

    As for the rest of the school is Vancouver I can't speak from personal experience but I will say that I have never been impressed by anything that I have heard or seen from students there. I completely agree that Kwantlen is behind by international standards, it seem to be the most forward thinking in Vancouver.

    I think it comes down to what you want out of your education?

    Also feel free to PM if you want to know more about Kwantlen, I'm happy to share my experiences, positive and negative.

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    Well my goals are very high and are international, I don't want to be an employee for a mainstream fashion brand and I would like to be more creatively orientated.

    The main problem I have right now is that I have no knowledge of basic construction and pattern making right now, so I can't make a portfolio of my ideas at the moment. I am considering taking a short term diploma to improve my skills in those areas then applying to an internationally known fashion school.

    larss are you planning on going into further schooling after kwantlen?

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    Not planning on any more school.

    You can get a really solid understanding of drafting and sewing with Kwantlens 2 year program. Maybe something similar from another local school as well. If you've got international goals I'd say go international as soon as you can.

    Good luck man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleks View Post
    The main problem I have right now is that I have no knowledge of basic construction and pattern making right now, so I can't make a portfolio of my ideas at the moment. I am considering taking a short term diploma to improve my skills in those areas then applying to an internationally known fashion school.
    Well one thing I think you really need to keep in mind is you go to Fashion school to LEARN how to drape, there you LEARN how to patternmake, you LEARN how to sew, how to draw etc...Why else go?

    I'm currently a student at FIT. I sewed and worked with patterns a before attending, but I know MANY people who had NEVER used a sewing machine in their life before college. Same applies to Parsons (actually I've known second year parsons' students who were JUST starting to learn how to sew...)

    If you want to learn construction for yourself before deciding to go to Fashion school that's great.... but don't let it hold you back from applying to schools. If anything take more Art classes and work on your design portfolio. Schools more so look at the designs and the artwork presentation etc. Your creative potential etc. Construction abilities will come with time and thats what the school is really there to give you.

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    im at a very good fashion school at the moment but IMO
    fuck the school go straight to industry you will learn quicker, meet contacts, see every side of the game, build up the skills before you do your degree that way you can make the most of it

    and the degree only do it if you truely think your going to get something out of it to you, not just because you feel others have a degree so you also need one.

    also there are many aspects of fashion not everyone is a designer so dont just feel the need to study fashion design.
    Work first, study second; it may seem harder at first but in the long term it is the best thing

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    The way im basing my degree is by going to a highly regarded college in my home country(It means FUCK all globally,unlike CSM).Iv lived here all my life.ZERO distractions.I can work/work/work,If i was in London I dont think Id have the discipline to not get distracted.

    Hopefully hermetic fashion existence = successful application to MA on completion of degree

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    Default Fashion Schools

    Hello all,

    Been lurking here for a really long time, and I figured this would be a really good place to ask for some opinions/experiences with fashion schools.

    Previously I studied in Graphic Design, and while I regretted not taking up Fashion instead, it was a pretty cool experience, and that led me to photography and designing Cycling Jerseys with custom camouflage.

    Finally done with conscription and while I've been reading a ton about Fashion Schools around the globe, I've been really confused about which ones really deserve the general rankings. Other than the consistently top few which I would probably have to rob a bank to fund my education in, the rest are pretty much in the grey area, I would be really grateful for any help or experiences with the universities.

    I'm really interested in technical outerwear, stuff along the line of ACG & works of Errolson Hugh.

    Thank you for your time, and If anyone could share their opinions & experiences with Fashion Schools (preferably taught in English) thank you so much in advance as well!

    If anything, you can find me on instagram @runyoko

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    ^ Business of Fashion just added and education section with their own school rankings:

    From my experience at FIT, there was definitely a strong focus on sportswear/ ready-to-wear, which might be up your alley. Not to mention the amount of designers in NYC, that you could intern for whilst attending, that would be a good match for what you want to do. You'll learn so much more from interning that I really think positioning yourself in a city that has designers you'd like to intern for can be just as important as the school itself, if not more so.

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    Thank you Ahimsa, the BoF page has been really useful !!

    Pretty glad to see RMIT on their rankings, have been considering that as my brother resides in Melbourne. Guess it's either FIT or RMIT now, though I would love to attend FIT so much more... living costs ugh

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