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    Hello to anybody reading this, I want to start by thanking you for clicking on this. If you manage to finish and perhaps even reply to me, I really appreciate it. This is my first post, I apologize for any and every ignorance shown in this passage. If you would prefer, you may skip to the "ULTIMATELY" shown in capital letters later in the passage to skip all of the details. I am relatively unexperienced when it comes to this branch of fashion, I have only studied and been a window shopper for a little over two years, becoming more and more isolated into fewer brands as time has gone by. I have known for about five years that I wanted to work in fashion. I have always expressed myself with clothing or the like, because I have a hard time expressing myself in other ways. I am 20 years old, I have been chronically and severely depressed for 10 years, anxious for 6, and bipolar for 3. In my opinion, they have all been around for 10 years. Please, try and forgive this silly outburst of information, because I feel it is necessary for the ultimate question I am asking. I started in stupid fashion, hype stuff, when I was around 16. When I was 17 and a half, I discovered Rick, Raf, Helmut, Margiela, etc. I have since narrowed my tastes almost strictly down to the likes of Deepti, Carol Christian Poell, Leon Emanuel Blanck, Maurizio Amadei, A Dicianoveventitre, Boris Bidjan Sabieri, Julius etc. while still admiring the likes of Raf and Rick. I recently took half of a semester at an Italian fashion school, the major being "technological stylist." This was a mistake in itself, as I have studied the resell market for a few years, so marketing is most likely more for me. My professors and classmates seem materialistic, only there to impress others. They have no concern for niche brands, only the likes of Versace and Gucci. I did a detailed presentation on Carol and Maurizio's work for one of the most respected professors in the school and she had no idea about either of them. I will try to get to the point now. I am lost, utterly and completely lost. I feel like I like a branch of fashion that no professionals in schools understand. I simply view fashion and clothing as art. Yes, it is necessary but this type of clothing is simply extra. For me, I feel like nothing until I have an outfit I like to express myself. In this way, I am my own canvas and this is how I get joy. Brands like CCP, BBS, and Deepti almost bring tears to my eyes because they are so artistically pleasing to me. ULTIMATELY, I would like to get a job at a store like the Darklands, Samsa G. Tuchwaren, INK, PnP Firenze, Lazzari, etc. and am wondering how to get there. I only want to work at a place I take the utmost pride in. I have high standards when it comes to this because it is difficult for me to be happy. With my mental conditions, I just want to be happy long-term and I believe having a job where I can look at all of these stunning pieces daily will accomplish this. I have self-taught marketing knowledge, and am planning to take a marketing course here in Italy in the Fall of 2018. By then, I should be bilingual. Reader, if you made it this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This isn't a cry for attention, I truly am looking for any advice from some of the knowledgeable patrons of this fine website. To sum it all up, I am a picky person, how do I go about getting a job at an ultra-niche store like the Darklands? Thank you, one and all.

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    I would suggest emailing (the above) to the stores directly. Modify it some and leave out the ultra personal details. wouldn't hurt to attach your cv in the email.

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    Thank you very much. Again, I appreciate it very much. Sorry as well for the personal details, and you’re right I would never inquire to a company using those personal details. Regardless, thanks again.

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    Hi Hon, i don't know how the working flow is in the rest of the world, but in italy i suggest you to knock at the door of the stores personally and talk with the owner. Here, it's the best way to give a good impression ...and i understand you when you said that your professors had no idea about that designers. My girlfiend studied in one of the better schools in Milan and she didn't know who CCP, BBS ecc. are till 1 year ago...i think that the only one italian lecturer who knows something about this side of fashion is Fabriano Fabbri (who worked on BBS book)
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    easier said than done, apply and hope you impress them somehow, but I would focus on your studies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TriggerDiscipline View Post
    easier said than done, apply and hope you impress them somehow, but I would focus on your studies.
    Definitely agree with this.

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    A bit late to the party, but I appreciate your candor. I'm in a similar position - I finished school in December 2016 with a B.S. in Merchandising, cum laude, with a minor in Business Foundations (Accounting/Finance/Logistics basics). I live in north Texas, so anti-fashion reigns supreme and whatever 'fashion' trickles in from the coast is years behind the curve - there aren't really any options here for avant-garde/niche fashion as you can imagine. I, like you, only want to work where I'd be proud of what's being sold/made and where the production is free from unethical labor practices. I currently work in the mortgage industry, on the foreclosure side, so it's quite the opposite of where I want to be and it's as soul-sucking as it sounds... I've aired my grievances with zamb many times... I'm starting to be more convinced that it's who you know with these boutiques/brands, and what you know comes second... I'm searching for another job right now, so I can go back in to the arts/fashion industry...
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    I would say find your passion and create your own opportunities. Develop your core competencies as an entrepreneur you can make your dreams come true. Why not become a retailer in the future this is my goal. Or start a fashion blog, become a journalist, become a teacher, learn a trade in fashion if you are creative or good with your hands. Remember to enjoy the journey of life it is not a race, enjoy the ride. The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time.

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    NagNagNag is looking for someone, although you’d have to speak German as well.
    But maybe your passion can make up for it – I’d give it a shot.
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    I think you should really up your "professionalism" in order to get any job you want or to get ahead in the workplace. By having professionalism, it's not just how you conduct yourself but also how you present yourself online through social media presence. I highly advise you to create a professional website to brand yourself. You can create a website for free at hPage - which is a website builder. Paid package there is also very affordable. By packaging yourself online, your employers will be able to see that you are serious about the profession you wanna be in and having a personal website also acts as a CV of some sorts. It's really useful for any industry you're in; you want to be marketable as an employee or as a client. Hope you get the job!

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    hello hon, if you want to have some career advice feel free to pn me.

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