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Thread: Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme SS11 Paris

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    Default Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme SS11 Paris

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    I generally dislike flower patterns, but damn this looks nice:

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    goddamn I love a good dandy collection. there's some humor in this that I find really delightful. masterful use of color and shape to showcase volume and discovery.
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    I was about to post my photos from the show but I guess it's pointless now. I really loved this collection, the best one I saw today (rick, dries).

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    ^sorry(?), but please post anyway!

    Anyway, before passing any final judgement, at first and second look I just love a lot of this. More impressions later, gotta sleep on it.

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    yohji in wonderland. nice.

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    Yes, please post your pictures, Mike. It would be very much appreciated.

    First impression is good. I like some looks a lot, and overall I can feel a lot more
    inspiration and spirit in this collection, than the last two previous ones.

    I know very little, close to nothing, about fashion history, but I can see the historical references. And I think it's nice. Very dandy-Yohji. But it works, really well.

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    ya boy i looooove cropped trousers / long shorts specially if they have those elastic cuffs at the end and i see a few i gotta get !

    so many of these fits are awesome and while i dont wear prints i can admire how they look here . im gotdam lovin this

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    looks good to's proper fashion again, not just yohji by numbers. some new ideas, propositions. agree with wire on the fabrics, some look really interesting - i bet they'll be lovely in the flesh. some regained enthusiasm from yohji can only be a good thing

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    The master is back.

    Excellent coats and suits, but the real gems are the interesting play on shirts - pointed hems (signifying waistcoats expanded upon from SS 08), collars pulled to one side, bow tie knots (like the shirt collar scarf from AW 08) and pants that hit just below the knee a modern take on breeches.

    Fabrics do look interesting and I appreciate the soft, muted color palette amongst the usual blacks and blues. More importantly the sense of fresh playfulness has returned.

    Some of my initial personal favorites:

    let us raise a toast to ancient cotton, rotten voile, gloomy silk, slick carf, decayed goat, inflamed ram, sooty nelton, stifling silk, lazy sheep, bone-dry broad & skinny baffalo.

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    This collection is like one of those photographs that look slightly strange to the sight upon a first glance but then it comes into focus the more you look at it. It's almost Number (N)ine ss09 filtered through Yohjivision.

    I'd totally rock that orange suit with a baggy black shirt, untucked, and some Chucks.

    The 10-button double breasted jacket with chest pockets is a winner as well, that could be a standalone summer jacket that goes with anything.

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    hot men... hot collection... hot men!!!

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    I'm honestly at a lack of words for this collection.

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    Yohji wears well on you Mr G SMALL , But your clothes look better on you.

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    Not that I would wear any of this but...this collection is really incredible. In addition to the one Avantster pointed out, I thought this was amazing.

    Floral scared me at first lol.

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    Floral prints looks nice and fits in well with the collection, although I doubt I can personally pull them off. Nice dandy collection as a whole. shirts, jackets, cropped pants all look nice. I don't own many yohji but I'm definitely looking forward to adding a couple of pieces here and there along the way.

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