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Thread: Ann Demeulemeester Men's SS11 Paris

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    Default Ann Demeulemeester Men's SS11 Paris

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    Pictures from TFS.

    Looks like someone already posted HQ shots over at TFS:

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    someone explain this to me.

    edit: don't, actually.
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    love it , love the slim trousers , sleeveless shirts , nice narrow silhouette , white boots . this is my fave ann collection next to current season which i kno people didnt enjoy as much . personally i didnt like fw10 that much but this i love alotttttttt

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    Good collection, not my favorite in recent seasons, though. I can get behind most of the layering and shapes (especially the boots), but I just don't get that weird half-bib detailing on some of the pieces.

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    Ann's flawless run had to come to an end sooner or later. This mostly seems like an uninspired rehash of previous seasons.

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    ouch thats harsh lol . i like that its clean and nice and still very ann but w/out all the gotdang shiny buttons and 2 many accessories however i get thats wat many people mite like . maybe i love this collection more cos i like summer better than winter idk

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    ^ NICE pix , i can actually see the clothes better in your photos

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    Nothing new and a bit boring. I'm sure the individual pieces and especially the jackets will be nice but they always have been. Nothing particularly inspiring and doesn't have that "wow" thing that she had going for last couple of seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfMonnitoff View Post
    Ann's flawless run had to come to an end sooner or later. This mostly seems like an uninspired rehash of previous seasons.
    I agree. I was really disappointed (and disturbed) by this collection (as if spring '10 wasn't enough - silk pajama/boxing robes!?!?!)

    All these white outfits look like hotel bell-boys. Apparently the poets stopped reading Keats and got into Star Trek. And the velcro high tops?!?!? I mean, the patent leather versions this currently spring was already a shocker, but now, velcro?!?! Woah.

    So many of the shapes are from recent seasons, the hooded blazer, the ruffled-on-the-facing jacket from winter 08, the fencing jackets from the women's collection winter 09, etc. Whatever happened to "creating a new shape in every collection" that she mentioned in her interviews?

    It will make me feel better if it was the assistance that designed the collection and not her. Because if she can come up with something like this, it makes me doubt of all the wonderful ones from before.

    I have been a very loyal fan and worship her work, and this is a blow.

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    I was looking forward to this collection a lot. Now I'm disappointed. There is not much design work there. All I can see is old pieces. I don't want to say it, but it's boring and uninspiring.
    And yeah, velcro-sneakers? I assume she wants to target a younger audience, but it looks plain wrong.

    My expectations were incredibly high, and she didn't meet them this time.
    Fashion week is more or less over now.

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    lol u guys are harsh

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    I can see it in some of the individual pieces but the overall impression is not what I think of as the best of Ann -- and for me, her aesthetic just works much better in FW than SS.

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    Look at it this way: at least there won't be a lot of questions posting pictures from this collection and asking -- can someone tell me what the color code is for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jogu View Post
    lol u guys are harsh
    It's certainly not a bad collection, just a step down from recent Ann for me.

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    certainly with a collection like last's, Ann's current season is going to be a disappointment
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    My first impression was that it looks very fencing inspired, at least the white part of the collection.

    I really, really dislike the sneakers with all the straps, remind me of Juun J. The rest of the footwear is nice, I want the white ankle boots.

    Like others have said there are a lot of recognizable shapes here, I don't mind that all that much because a lot of these are pieces that I loved the first time around. I do however think it makes the collection as a whole feel less fresh though.

    Looking at the HQ shots there are quite a lot a nice variations in the fabrics/texture not immediately apparent in the lower quality pictures. There are lots of individual pieces that look really nice, I love almost all of the jackets for example. Would have liked some more variation in the trousers though, there are some fabric variations visible in the HQ images but they do all look very similar.

    I do think as a whole it feels a little too clean cut, but after looking through it several times I don't dislike it, but it's not great either. Not her best collection, but not bad either. Certainly better than SS10.

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