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Thread: i made a steel ring in a forge

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    Default i made a steel ring in a forge

    my old retired john deere engineer friend has a forge. here's a steel ring that's had different effectual things done to it, to get iridescent effects. (not translating well on photos) but, some really beautiful hues of green and purple appear on an otherwise black ring. maybe kinda crude construction for some, but it suits me.

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    very elegant. favorite ring so far from the ones shown in this place.

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    It looks almost megalithic. Heavy, ancient, forged when melting a stone was visceral, terrible magic. I can imagine it would be quite striking in person, with those greens and purples you describe. I wonder if you filmed it you might catch some of the iridescent effects.

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    Nice work. I like the rugged look on the end.

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    Looks beautiful - how did you make the rough end?

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