The Stone Island Prototype Research_Series 08 titled the “Multiaxial Project” features 100 unique capes crafted from newly developed fabrics using techniques from the automotive industry. The treatments and fabrics used were born from research and experimentation processes that have yet to be industrialized. The Multiaxial Project pays tribute to the brand’s inaugural collection while continuously pushing the boundary of innovation. 

Stone Island Selected Works Exhibition

Stone Island: Selected Works ‘982 – ‘984

Stone Island, the cult Italian techwear maker, is staging its first ever major US archival exhibition in Los Angeles, coinciding with Frieze Los Angeles. The exhibit runs from today to March 3rd and is open to the public. The exhibition Selected Works ‘982-‘024 brings to the US rare and previously unexhibited Stone Island pieces that highlight its mind-bending innovations in textile and construction. A part of the exhibit is the first comprehensive overview of the Stone Island Shadow Project. Selected Works ‘982-‘024 also expressed Stone Island’s belief in “Lab-Life” – community in tandem with production – with pop up stores and a café run by various local Los Angeles friends of the brand.