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Thread: InAisce FW11

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    very, very strong collection - that truly can stand on its own as a complete package.
    some beautiful fabrics, interesting patterns and silhouettes, great seam work, cohesive aesthetic

    on a separate note, kind of strange that two of the designers i find most compelling are in new york (zam and inaisce).

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    Am I crazy? Is no one else picking up on this dungeons and dragons wood elf vibe? In Aisce is playing into all my nerdy teenage fantasies.
    And "When the prince has gathered about him
    "All the savants and artists, his riches will be fully employed."

    Canto XIII, Ezra Pound

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    yeah keep smoking

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    Just have to chime in here:
    I finally had a chance to see and try on some of the collection.
    All traces of theatre/costume that I perceived from the lookbook pics literally fell away once I actually wore the pieces.
    The way the cuts and details flow on the body supersede any thematic trappings.

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