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Jul 17

op-ed: the real reason why fashion advertising is bland

In case you haven’t noticed, fashion from big corporate brands has become boring. The strategy of simplifying the garment, slapping a logo on it, and selling it to the masses, is now proving to be faulty as the masses increasingly question the value...

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Jun 26

spring / summer 2025 men’s paris fashion week report

Spring / Summer 2005 Men’s Paris Fashion Week Report: Shows Paris was merciful to men’s fashion week, which concluded this past Sunday. The weather was fine, and the city was strangely uncrowded, the tourists spooked by the mess of the upcoming Olympics, and the...

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Jun 18

the controlled anarchy of jun takahashi

“Jun is the only designer from the Ura-Hara scene who knows that true creation comes from and with pain,”...

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May 29

everything is merch

Is Millionaire Speedy a luxury bag or merch? What about the Balenciaga Maxi Pack? Some people's idea of merch is...

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May 23

op-ed: chanel’s stellar numbers don’t tell the whole story

On Tuesday after the market close Chanel, a bellwether for the luxury industry, announced a 16% increase in revenues...

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Feb 07

the best theory of why people buy fashion was written 125 years ago

Much ink has been spilled through the decades on theories of how we consume fashion – cultural, economic, behavioral....

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