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Thread: Rick Owens Mens FW 12

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    fuck i need that figure

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    This jacket is ultimate test of manhood. If people are not laughing at you, then you're real badass.

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    Kinda reminds me of the guy on the right side

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    there's about a 45 second window that doesn't absolutely horrify me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theconsumer View Post
    This jacket is ultimate test of manhood. If people are not laughing at you, then you're real badass.

    do not repost images on the same page
    Can we call it the goiter scarf?
    (is the scarf part of the jacket or no?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enaml View Post
    Does anyone know what the music used in the show was?
    i was wondering that too...

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    i still don't like it in motion but the dayglo piping + music reminds me of tron
    i like the goiter scarf conceptually. Wouldn't wear it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theconsumer View Post
    This jacket is ultimate test of manhood. If people are not laughing at you, then you're real badass.

    I guess he really put the Dick in Dick Oven
    "AVANT GUARDE HIGHEST FASHION. NOW NOW this is it people, these are the brands no one fucking knows and people are like WTF. they do everything by hand in their freaking secret basement and shit."


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    I feel like this line illustrates the issues with being forced to evolve as a designer on everyone else's schedule. When an artist (I know, I know....Rick isn't an artist) hits a stride, he or she should be allowed to comfortably settle in and create some repetitive designs until the time comes when there is a natural evolution or progression.

    You can't do that when buyers are always looking for the next season and the next buy. It just feels kind of forced to me. As someone mentioned, you can only play with the human silhouette in so many ways. After you're dropped the crotch down to where it drags the ground, subsequently taken the legs out altogether to create a skirt....the only real way to go is up.

    I don't have any problem with the pants. I rather like most of them. I think it would come down to styling because most people aren't going to tuck in their shirts where the waistline is exposed. So I like the more fitted crotch. There's nothing extraordinary about them and I agree that a lot of the tailoring struck me as old Raf but I can appreciate these things more than the basketball court fantasy played out years ago.

    I cannot understand the hazmat suit fetish. And I imagine the buys on the outerwear will be pretty slim and that most of that will hang around until the 70% sales start around the end of this year. I'm all for things that aren't practical, per se, but some of that stuff is downright absurd. Maybe that's the point. He's more popular than ever so maybe he feels like he's challenging the crowd that has recently propelled him into the position he's in.

    Who knows. My feelings are that it's a lackluster presentation overall. The footwear seem really, really bad to me. The outwear is next level splunge™ (space glamour grunge...feel free to use that term)'s lost the simplicity of what he's really known for in a lot of ways, in my opinion. I think one of the challenges for any designer is to flirt with what's referred to as cosplay without crossing the line into theatrical type garb. And Rick hasn't just flirted with appears that he has embraced it on some of these pieces. I'm of the mindset that good styling should be subtly dramatic....some of the outerwear (as noted) would be more comfortable on the stage than on the street.

    I know that he originally started out as a tailor but i've never felt those pieces were his strongest. Not that they're horrible but there are just better tailors out there in my eyes and there are only so many ways to cut a blazer and a pair of slacks.

    Ultimately, I have purchased less and less Rick over the past 2 years. The pieces I do buy are from 08 or 09. I felt like I could relate to the aesthetic he was creating back then and now I really can't relate to this stuff. It's not you, Rick. I think it's me. Or maybe we've both drifted. Either way, I can appreciate some of this stuff for what it is but I prefer to not necessarily wear it if that's OK.

    Another thing re: the footwear...I wish he would move beyond the Chuck Taylors on steroids thing. It's not unique, it's not original and it's not particularly exciting. But it seems like he continues to play around with that shape season after season and to be honest, they just look cheap. Remember how good his shoes/boots used to be? I know the quality was questionable but the designs were original, subtle, kind of tough looking. He put a pair of sails on the dunks and everything went to Hell after that.

    And did one of those models have a PissDrunx tattoo on his neck?
    Quote Originally Posted by mizzar View Post
    Sorry for being kind of a dick to you.

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    Someone always asks what the song was. I can't say for certain but it sounded like this:

    Boom, boom, boom, boom, BALLZ, boom, boom, boom, BALLZ, boom, boom, boom, BALLZ.

    That probably won't help identify it but maybe there is a search engine that can translate that into a song title.
    Quote Originally Posted by mizzar View Post
    Sorry for being kind of a dick to you.

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    Well said, beardown.
    Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months - Oscar Wilde

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    Ditto. Evolution is fine but not for the sake of it. Most of my favorite artists reached a peak and stayed there comfortably without straying. I cannot be convinced he had much to do with this collection and again, if u only saw the first 5 minutes, you wouldn't even believe it was ro.

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    I just wanted to be the 2nd person to say splunge.

    No doubt LVR will get a selection of the hideous spaceman jackets...and no doubt they'll go for 70% off. I agree that the basketball nonsense was a miss for me as well, but I could never have predicted how popular it would become...I'm not looking forward to hazmat suits hitting the high street.
    i traded my LUC jeans + Julius belt + Neil Barrett jeans for a blamain biker jeans

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    I'm happy he brings something new, and I appreciate his affinity for the bizarre and monumental. I don't see this as a departure from his style at all. It's just another angle to it. Like he says, it's already kind of there.

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    i traded my LUC jeans + Julius belt + Neil Barrett jeans for a blamain biker jeans

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    ^ thanks for that.

    At Men’s Fashion Shows, A Mix of Aspiration and Powerful Intrigue

    The movies often keep fashion designers in duds, as we saw at Miuccia Prada’s fall men’s show in Milan and a few days later at Rick Owens in Paris. But these designers approach the imagery very differently.


    I was also intrigued by Rick Owens’s comment that he was inspired by Fred Astaire to make small-waist trousers with a bit of fullness in the hips and slim legs. When I was watching the show, I thought of Astaire, with his magical long legs — well, not so long in reality. A lot of designers over the years have been influenced by Astaire and other style icons, but usually their stuff is embarrassingly literal. Mr. Owens made sure his trousers, as well as his jackets and coats, would look sane on the streets.

    He accomplishes a lot here. There’s a note of formality (without the dust) and that elongated silhouette that designers like at the moment. Above all, you can imagine a young man wearing those pants, with sneakers, and being stopped by strangers who want the look for themselves. That’s aspiration.

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    well i have gone thru the pics and videos about 50 times now and i think i do like it better than i did at first. like others have said, the pants will look much better with the zoot suit bit well hidden. the tailored jackets, and outerwear are pretty cool. they do have a rick by raf vibe but more rick than raf. and they are something i can actually wear. i am out on the footwear tho. i hate the chuck-alikes. and the uncircumcised leather jackets are awful.

    i dunno. i think i can dig it. kind of a small collection on display here tho, no?
    dying and coming back gives you considerable perspective

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjbreed View Post
    and the uncircumcised leather jackets are awful.
    does this analogy suggest that peoples heads are are penis heads? gross...

    I wonder when he's going to grow tired of the asymetric zip. it never looks good open. and quite often, if you look past that, there's not a whole lot of design going on with the mens jackets. I watched the womens collection from stag and wished he would give us shapes like that for men. i'd go completely broke, but it would be worth it.

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