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Thread: Say no to Abercrombie on Saville Row

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    Default Say no to Abercrombie on Saville Row

    I found this article from the Guardian endearing. I hope the protesters win!
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    ugh... i hope savile row does not degenerate into plebe territory

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    Isn't there a store already right on the corner off Savile row?
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    There is, the article is talking about opening a kids store actually on the row.
    Why they agreed to have A & F in the first place! As the saville row committee are meant to be a bunch of old dragons, so how they agreed to this I don't know!
    There where a lot of tailors who where against Evisu opening on the row (now closed) but atleast Evisu offered a bespoke service.
    The row is slowly filling with Art galleries and a huge new development on the conduit st end shall be under construction very soon.So the landscape of the area is changing. I just hope that another iconic shopping street in London is not ruined by the same high st shops seen everywhere. Every area in the capital is losing its identity, the character and vibe that made these places interesting.
    Camden, Portobello, Covent Garden etc etc all look like clones of each other.
    I hope the commitee (should have the commission really!) Refuse the opening of both A&F and the Kooples and any other high st brand for that matter. Leave atleast one road with the heritage and character for which it is known.
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    sigh... it's all about money with no reverence for anything anymore...

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    The Kooples actually teamed up with Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons to make/design their suits. As for A&F, it's a bad fit...

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