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Thread: How to modify title of sales thread?

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    Default How to modify title of sales thread?

    I didnīt want to make a new thread for this but I couldnīt find the appropriate place to ask this.
    I tried to change the title of my sales thread by modifying it in the first post (as I think I had done before) but itīs not changing the title in the classifieds forum, only in the original post. What am I doing wrong?=


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    The easiest way is to double-click right next to the thread title while you are in the subforum view (not inside your thread).
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    It's discussed in the 2nd sticky in the Classified section:

    And in detail here:
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    I have found that only in the case of my sales thread being fairly old (>2 months-ish), the double clicking beside the title and advanced editing options no longer do the trick. I wait until the old sales thread is off the first page of the classifieds, start a new thread with an updated title and then delete the old thread.

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    Thanks everyone for the help. I guess Iīll make a new one since the threadīs older than 60 days and it cannot be changed with the double click.

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