Dear SZ, dear Faust,

from the beginning I felt very comfortable in this forum! Thank you very much for such a good and welcoming vibe. Being 41 years old I have lived through the „web 1.5/forums“ era of the Internet, and not all boards on the web have been as kind. Also I enjoyed the discussion culture which is driven by arguments and a willingness to expand ones idea about fashion.

I joined this forum as a guy who always had some idiosyncrasies in his choice of consumption goods, for example I have had a severe Adidas Conductor fetish since my early teens and I collect (and occasionally still play out, despite my age) a lot of leftfield dance music. Generally however I was the typical high street shopper, some G-Star, Strellson, Boss, Drykorn etc. Through my professional career / income path, this blend of ebay/mall couture never changed.

I became unhappy with my choice of clothes and my silhouette in these clothes at some point and discovered Boris Bidjan Saberi - oddly through Ebay. I instantly liked the designs (just from the pictures) and became interested in the designer and the universe around it - other designers such as Rick Owens etc. Local store Jades had some Saberi on their Website and prticularly this vegetable green J1 struck me as the possibly nicest Leather ever. It cost 3000 EUR at that time which seemed an insane amount for a jacket to me. When I passed by the physical Jades store one hot 30 degrees celsius summer day - they had that Jacket on sale for 1500 Eur! I tried it in XL and loved it, although it felt a bit like an armor rather than a jacket. I instantly purchased it just like that. Never have I spent 1.500 that lightly before. I went home with the feeling of having done something terribly wrong but rewarding (I used to paint subway trains when I was a kid and it felt a bit similar to sneak back home after a successful venture back then).

In parralel discovered and joined this forum in an attempt to get a better understanding of silhouettes, brands and their vision, the people who make the brands and the people who typically buy it. I made some great discoveries such as Devoa and Ann Demeulenmeester and Julius - and Grailed.

Grailed turned out full on crack for me and I spent (for my feeling) too much money on clothes. It is just too easy to submit to this impulsive feeling of „i cannot live without it, even though I do not even know for sure it fits and suits me“. For example, just two weeks after having purchased the Boris Leather I discovered this Devoa Leather on Grailed - and it looked so perfect to me I instantly had to buy it aswell, promising to myself to sell off the Boris Leather right away. I was happy to find that it looked, fitted and suited me perfectly. Still I was stuck with two jackets and only received lowball offers for my actually still quite amazing never worn bnwt Boris Leather.

In the end, the purchases I made were 50% great and 50% bad. The combined effect of getting into fashion and my other hobbies (travel/music/food/cars/photography/wine) is that I essentially was not able to save up money anymore, I just spent all I earned.

I decided to delete Grailed (and Ebay actuqlly) from my cellphone and generally stop purchasing designer clothes as I have some other plans with my future playmoney (buying a house and positioning me to retire early ;) ) and feel I already substantially improved my sense for quality and silhouette and my wardrobe content (coming from close to zero I guess that wasnt too difficult).

I love and will wear until they fall apart:
- the Devoa Leather Jacket Sz 4
- A Julius Pant Sz 4
- Two BBS Pants in XL
- Maybe the Boris Jacket in XL
- A scarf from Issey Miyake
- A Ninja Hoodie from Saberi in XL
- Possibly a Julius Jacket I just purchased

I will sell:
- Maybe the Boris J1 Jacket in XL (i really love it but it feels overkill to own two expensive and nice leather Jackets)
- A knit from Boris in L
- A Pullover from Boris in L
- A Devoa Pant in Sz 4 with legs shortened professionally to 32/33
- A Pair of Bambas in Caramel/Light brown

The stuff I sell is in great condition, if there is interest here I can post a thread and upload some pictures in the Buy/Sell Area. Anyone who wants to connect via FB for the sake of purchase security (or for just some weird music) is cordially invited to pn me.

I am in Germany btw.
Again thanks for all the good reads here, I will remain a reader and you frequent waywt posters all look great and very inspiring! Thanks Faust for offering such a good place.